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Character Information
Name: CereCere
Name (kanji/kana): セレセレ
Alignment: Dead Moon
Species: Humanoid
Gender: Female
Lives: The Dead Moon Circus tent
Occupation: Trapeze artist of the Amazoness Quartet
Family: JunJun, VesVes, PallaPalla (sisters)
Associates: Zirconia, Queen Nehellenia; Amazon Trio (manga and Crystal only)
Aliases: Sailor Ceres (manga, musicals, Crystal)
First Anime Appearance: Amazoness! The Nightmare From Behind the Mirror
First Manga Appearance: Act 39 Yume 1 Nisshoku Dream
First PGSM Appearance: N/A
English Name: Selesele (dub), CereCere (manga), Cere-Cere (Viz dub)
Actors: Yuri Amano (anime), Megan McChesney (dub), Cassandra Lee Morris (Viz dub), Reina Ueda (Crystal)

CereCere was a member of the Amazoness Quartet, employed by the Dead Moon Circus. She was a trapeze artist at the Circus, and most of her powers and Lemures were related to flowers. CereCere was the oldest sister of the Quartet, and seemed to be the most mature and upright one; she often took initiative and directed the others.


In the anime, the members of the Amazoness Quartet were residents of a jungle who awoke Queen Nehellenia as they were playing. As thanks for awakening her, Queen Nehellenia gave them the power to dream forever and always stay young, and gave them each an Amazon Stone to symbolize that power; CereCere had a yellow Amazon Stone.

CereCere first appeared in episode 150, where she used the scent of flowers to hypnotize Momoko Momohara and lead her out to where she could be attacked for her Dream Mirror. She appeared again in episode 154, when the other three Amazonesses fought over their latest target until CereCere used a flower to send them to sleep and took Honjou, the principal of a preschool, as her own target. After removing his Dream Mirror and being caught once again by the Sailor Senshi, she released her Lemures, JaraJara Jou, while the other Amazonessess confronted her about what she had done.

In episode 156, CereCere targeted Kamoi, a starving young artist, and convinced him to paint her portrait in return for food. She was unhappy with the result and forced him to repaint her, betraying his own dream in the process. CereCere at this point released TogeToge Jou, who refused to eat the tarnished Mirror. In episode 160, she and the other Amazonesses volunteered to help at a Coming-of-Age Ceremony, along with the Sailor Senshi, though they were unable to understand why the others were all looking forward to adulthood.

Later CereCere became irritated by JunJun and PallaPalla when they began attacking targets without her. She eventually discovered the identities of the Sailor Senshi, who were revolted by CereCere's treatment of other people's dreams.

After Chibiusa had been kidnapped by Queen Nehellenia, the Amazonesses stole the girl because they wanted to ride Pegasus. When Zirconia discovered their antics she imprisoned them, only to later free them in order to use the magic of their Amazon Stones. When the four of them were eventually given the choice to either help the Sailor Senshi or stay young forever, they chose to destroy their Amazon Stones. Even without the use of magic, however, the Amazonesses stole the Golden Crystal from their former leader and handed it to Super Sailor Moon. The Quartet became normal girls, and as they were leaving, PallaPalla asked CereCere whether they should say goodbye, but CereCere replied that things like that did not suit them.

In the anime, CereCere was referred to as "lazy" by the other three at one point, and they expressed surprise when she actually set out after a target on her own. She also did fortune telling with flowers.

Attacks and Powers[edit]

As was characteristic of all four members of the Amazoness Quartet, CereCere used her Amazon Stone to perform attacks and magical commands.

  • Colliding Ball - This command was used to remove a person's Dream Mirror.
  • Pelting Ball - CereCere created various small balls which struck her target.
  • Opening Ball - This command created a small portal through which objects or people could be transported.

She also demonstrated a power that drew upon her affinity with plants rather than her Amazon Stone.

  • Fukou no Tane - CereCere threw seeds at her target and made them grow to a large size.


In the manga, the members of the Amazoness Quartet were in truth the members of the Sailor Quartet, those intended to protect Sailor Chibi Moon in the future. Queen Nehellenia found the sleeping Senshi and awoke them, forcing them to become her minions. Sailor Saturn saved them when the Dead Moon Circus was destroyed, and asked Neo-Queen Serenity to revive them. With the power of the Silver Crystal, the Queen returned them to their Senshi forms, and they resumed their interrupted slumber until they were needed in the future.


Risa Honma as

In the musicals, CereCere was one of four Homunculi that made up the Samael Quartet. She was portrayed by Shiori Eguchi and Risa Honma.


  • Hana Saimin - CereCere's special attack in the musicals.


CereCere's name comes from the asteroid Ceres, which is named for the Roman goddess Ceres, who is the goddess of growing plants. This is possibly the reason for CereCere's power with flowers, although the mythological Ceres specialized in cereals.