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A chanela

Chanelas were small furry creatures sold at Pet Shop Perfume in anime episode 5, when the Youma Iguara was running the shop while disgused as a normal human.

Chanelas gave off a pleasant, perfume-like scent, which made them very popular with humans. Once in possession of a chanela, humans would become obsessed with their pet to the extent that they would not be able to pay attention to anything else.

In reality, the chanelas were part of a plot created by Jadeite; they would siphon off their owner's energy and send it to be collected by the Dark Kingdom. Shingo Tsukino was one of the people who purchased a chanela. After the pet-shop plot was disrupted by Sailor Moon, chanelas were not seen again.


  • The episode in which the Chanela appeared was not included in the first English dub.