Chapter 2 Beware of Tanabata

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Chapter Data
Shokujo cries after her identity is revealed
Name (kanji/kana): ちびうさ絵日記 - 七夕にご用心!
Name (romaji): Chibiusa Enikki - Tanabata ni Goyoujin!
Name (translated): Chibiusa's Picture Diary - Beware the Tanabata!
Volume Number: 10
Chapter Number: N/A
Previous Chapter: Chapter 1 Beware of the Transfer Student‎
Next Chapter: Chapter 3 Beware of Cavities

Chapter 2 Beware of Tanabata was a side story originally published in RunRun.


Chibiusa and the Sailor Senshi are celebrating Chibiusa's 902nd birthday. Her friend Momo gives her a book about the legends of the stars. Mamoru gives her a Sailor Moon locket watch which he purchased from a cloaked street vendor. She shows it to her friends the next day but discovers that most of them already have such watches.

The girls briefly discuss whose picture they put in the lockets. Michiru and Haruka come by then and look at the Tanabata bamboo Chibiusa is carrying, noting that the girls' Tanabata wishes all seem to be about boys.

Their conversation is overheard by the same cloaked being who sold Mamoru the watch, who then attempts to tell them about the legend of Tanabata. The conversation turns into a discussion of what one should look for in a man, including input from Kyuusuke and Sorano on whether strength or money is most important. Though the others seem oblivious, the mysterious figure raises Haruka's suspicions.

Later, Chibiusa reads about Tanabata in Momo's book. Two lovers, Shokujo the weaver and Kengyu the cattle herder, were married but subsequently separated and may only see one another on July 7th. Chibiusa wonders if they will be able to see each other if it rains. Ami proceeds to give her a lesson on the constellations. She explains that Shokujo is Vega from the constellation Lyra and Kengyu is Altair from the constellation Aquila. Chibiusa and Diana ponder what their long-distance relationship must be like, though Ami and Rei protest that it is only a legend.

The next day, July 7th, all of the girls (including Chibiusa) who bought the watches are called to Ichinohashi Park. Diana wakes her up from her daze by biting her and they go to the park. There they see the vendor trying to persuade the crowd of girls that they can live without men. Chibiusa transforms and protests that the speaker is wrong. The speaker then "reveals" herself to be "Sailor Moon" - though she is actually an impostor.

Chibiusa reveals the deception and discovers that the figure is Shokujo. She tells Chibiusa that she is fat and plain, causing her husband to no longer desire her. After he saw he without her makeup, she says, it has always rained on July 7th, making her feel that he is avoiding her. Her two companions reinforce this idea and reveal their plot to steal the energy of both the girls and Shokujo.

Diana realizes that they are Epsilon and Zeta, the other two Weaver stars. Chibiusa attacks them with Pink Sugar Heart Attack, destroying them and setting the girls free. Kengyu then appears and reassures his wife of his love for her. Chibiusa expresses hopeful wishes for the pair in her diary.

In the end, Chibiusa tells Usagi and Mamoru of the battle. Mamoru promises to buy her another present since the locket watch was destroyed and Chibiusa asks for a pearl and gold pendant, prompting a jealous outburst from Usagi.


  • The original version of the manga simply called this "Chibiusa Enikki" (ちびうさ絵日記; Chibiusa's Picture Diary), but the re-release of the manga gave it the title "Tanabata ni Goyoujin!" (七夕にご用心!; Beware the Tanabata!).
  • When Chibiusa's classmates were showing off their watches, Momo had a picture of a boy she called "Fudo Mitsui," or "Mitsui Fudo-kun" (三井不動クン) in the original Japanese, who was the son of the president of a large real estate company. This could have been a reference to Mitsui Fudosan, a real estate company in Japan, as the "Mitsui Fudo" part of both names are written with the same kanji, and "kun" and "san" are common honorifics used when referring to people.