Chapter 3 Beware of Cavities

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Chapter Data
The dentist prepares to start his work
Name (kanji/kana): ちびうさ絵日記 - 虫歯にご用心!
Name (romaji): Chibiusa Enikki- Mushiba ni Goyoujin!
Name (translated): Chibiusa's Picture Diary - Beware Cavities!
Volume Number: 15
Chapter Number: N/A
Previous Chapter: Chapter 2 Beware of Tanabata
Next Chapter: N/A

Chapter 3 Beware of Cavities was a side story originally published in RunRun. Usagi and Chibiusa developed cavities and had to visit a dentist - but all the staff at the dentist's office were really evil spirits determined to make the cavities worse.

The anime episode A Dentist of Terror? PallaPalla's House was very similar to this story.



  • The original version of the manga simply called this "Chibiusa Enikki" (ちびうさ絵日記; Chibiusa's Picture Diary), but the re-release of the manga gave it the title "Mushiba ni Goyoujin!" (虫歯にご用心!; Beware Cavities!).
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