Charon Castle

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Charon Castle

Charon Castle (カロン・キャッスル) orbited the planet Pluto, and in the manga and Sailor Moon Eternal it was the palace of Princess Pluto, given to her by Queen Serenity when she was born.

In Act 48 of the manga and Sailor Moon Eternal, the Solar System Senshi called upon the power of their castles and directed it to the Holy Grail, which gave Sailor Moon the power to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon. Guardian Pluto greeted Sailor Pluto when she arrived in Act 53.


  • Charon Castle's name was derived from a satellite of Pluto, Charon. At the time of the Sailor Moon series it was considered Pluto's moon, but after Pluto was redefined as a dwarf planet Charon's status is uncertain.