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Cinderella Caravan was the name of a talent-search organization run by Jadeite and the Youma Derella (who was disguised as the idol Mikan Shiratori) in episode seven of the Sailor Moon anime. The purpose of the Cinderella Caravan was to lure innocent people into auditions, where they were hypnotized to believe they could become stars and thus encouraged to put forth energy to realize that dream.

After performing at a round of judging, everyone was invited to take part in a final competition at Shan Shan Plaza. Those participating were tricked into thinking that the auditorium was occupied by a full crowd, when in reality it was completely empty. While the victims were performing, Derella stole their mounting energy for Jadeite. Once Sailor Moon defeated Derella, the stolen energy was returned to the participants.


  • In the German and Dutch dubs, it was called the "Schneewittchen-Wettstreit" (Snow White Contest).
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