Crisis, Make Up

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Sailor Senshi Transformation
Crisis, Make Up in the anime
Transformation Name: Crisis, Make Up
Transformation Name (kanji/kana): クライシス・メイク・アップ
English Name: Super Moon Crisis Power, Moon Crisis Power (dub); Crisis Make Up (manga, Viz dub: anime); Moon Crisis Make Up (manga, Viz dub: Crystal)
Performed by: Super Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Chibi Moon (manga, Crystal)
Item Required: Holy Grail, Usagi Tsukino's Pure Heart Crystal
First Used (anime): Who is the True Messiah? Chaos of Light and Darkness (Sailor Moon), Act.36 Mugen 10 Mugendai - Joukuu (Sailor Chibi Moon)
First Used (manga): Act 33 Mugen 7 Henshin SUPER SAILORMOON (Sailor Moon), Act 36 Mugen 10 Mugendai - Joukuu (Sailor Chibi Moon)

Crisis, Make Up was the command used by Sailor Moon to transform into Super Sailor Moon with the Holy Grail.

In the anime, being in the Super form was very tiring and she could only maintain it for a little while before reverting back to Sailor Moon. In this transformation, Sailor Moon held up the Holy Grail and its lid opened, spilling forth bright golden light which enveloped her. This cocoon-like shape then burst open, releasing a flock of multicolored butterflies along with Sailor Moon, and various pieces of her sailor fuku transformed: her collar and choker changed colors, her shoulder pads became larger and translucent, barrettes appeared in her hair, her earrings changed, a golden belt with a brooch appeared at her waist, her back bow lengthened, and her skirt turned white with a yellow and blue border. Super Sailor Moon then assumed her final pose.

In episode 125, she managed to become Super Sailor Moon even without the help of the Holy Grail.

In the manga, when Sailor Moon transformed she drank from the Grail, which made feathered, angel-like wings grow from her back. The wings then disappeared in a flurry of feathers as her sailor fuku changed.

Moon Crisis, Make Up in Crystal

The Sailor Moon Crystal version of this transformation began with the Holy Grail hovering between Sailor Moon's palms as she held her hands in front of her body. Its lid opened and multiple balls of light flew into the Grail, then pastel-colored light radiated from the crescent moon symbol on Sailor Moon's forehead. She turned and lifted the Grail to her face as glittering light spilled from within it. She then held up the Grail above her head and shouted her transformation phrase. The Grail gleamed and flashed with a bright light that turned into a flock of rainbow butterflies surrounding Super Sailor Moon, who hovered in the fetal position before straightening and turning. More butterflies burst from a flash of light as the yellow and blue gradient appeared at the hem of her skirt. She landed on one foot and twirled around as the focus shifted upward, her back bow and the brooch at her waist appearing as it did, then she turned to show the crescent moon on her forehead. Another burst of rainbow butterflies fluttered past and Super Sailor Moon appeared wearing her tiara, opalescent light radiating from the crescent moon at the center. She then turned around again and assumed her final pose.

Sailor Chibi Moon's version of the transformation in Crystal was very brief. First, her body was covered in white light; then that light turned into a flock of multicolored butterflies that flew off as Super Sailor Chibi Moon appeared hovering in full sailor fuku. She and Super Sailor Moon assumed their final poses, hovering, as feathered, angel-like wings grew from Super Sailor Moon's back.


  • Sailor Moon's transformation in episode 125 used a different sequence from the normal one.
  • In the German dub of the anime, this phrase was translated as "Macht des Grals, mach auf" (Power of the Grail, make up), even when Sailor Moon tried to transform into Super Sailor Moon in episode 125, after the Holy Grail had been destroyed.