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A crystal is a solid which has a repeating, regularly ordered internal arrangment of its component molecules which extends in all three spatial dimensions, or a material that is similar in appearance to an actual crystal. In the context of the Sailor Moon metaseries, crystals are featured in the plotlines with a high degree of importance.

Crystals in Sailor Moon[edit]

In the Sailor Moon universe, there existed various crystals imbued with magical powers. Both the protagonists and antagonists made use of crystals, and desired to locate, destroy, or utilize specific crystals throughout the series. The most well known of these crystals was the Silver Crystal, the legendary crystal wielded by members of the Moon matriarchy. Both the Sailor Senshi and the Dark Kingdom wished to locate the Silver Crystal, along with the Moon Princess, in the first storyline of the manga, anime, and live-action series.

Other crystals include the personal crystals of every Sailor Senshi, known as the Sailor Crystals, which only appear by that name in the manga; the Golden Crystal, which had different backgrounds in the anime and manga (in the former it was held by Helios, in the latter it was Mamoru Chiba's Sailor Crystal); and several crystals used by enemies of the Sailor Senshi, including the Black Crystal and the Taioron Crystal.

Crystals Owned by Protagonists[edit]

Crystals Owned by Antagonists[edit]

The Dark Kingdom[edit]

  • Black Crystal

The Black Moon Clan[edit]

The Death Busters[edit]

  • Taioron Crystal

Shadow Galactica[edit]

Other Crystals[edit]



Crystal as a Term[edit]

The word "crystal" is used throughout the Sailor Moon universe for various reasons. Sometimes the use seems to be purely an aesthetic, for example, in the case of the Crystal Seminar and the Crystal Carillon. In other instances it is descriptive, for example, Crystal Tokyo and Crystal Star. The word "Crystal" is also included in the title of the second Sailor Moon anime series, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal, and as such is often used by fans to refer to the series.

Things with the Word "Crystal" in Their Names[edit]


  • Crystal Star
  • Crystal Carillon


  • Crystal Seminar
  • Crystal Tokyo

At other times, the word "crystal" was used as part of a command when a Sailor Senshi wished to perform an attack or transformation; this was especially true if an actual crystal was required to perform these manuevers. These are as follows.

Commands Which Involve the Word "Crystal"[edit]




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