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Daimon Eggs were created by Professor Tomoe in the Sailor Moon S season of the anime. Professor Tomoe kept the Eggs in a dormant state until they were needed.

Kaolinite employed the Daimon Eggs to find the bearer of a Pure Heart. The Egg was implanted into an object associated with the latest target and fused with it, to be transformed into a Daimon at an opportune moment.

When Eudial and Mimete were hunting for Pure Hearts, they only used the finished Daimon after Professor Tomoe had put the egg through machinery to fuse it with an appropriate object. Eudial transported the Daimon in a box in the trunk of her car to the victim, while Mimete used a briefcase.

When the Daimon was destroyed, the Egg separated from the object and broke in half, releasing a small ghostly apparition that faded away. The spirits that appeared from the Eggs used by Kaolinite and Eudial were ghoul-shaped and giggled as they vanished, while the spirits from the Eggs used by Mimete were shaped like a cormorant, and gave a bird-like cry when they disappeared.