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This article is about the Black Moon Clan's power. For the enemy attack from the musicals, see Dark Power (attack).

Dark Power used by Koan and Petz

Dark Power (ダルク・パワー) was the power of the Black Moon Clan as it appeared in the anime.

Each of the Spectre Sisters tried to infect the Crystal Points with Dark Power in order to overwhelm the Crystal Power they produced, making them unable to form one of the foundation points of Crystal Tokyo in the future. This was intended to weaken the defense of the Sailor Senshi in the 30th Century, making it easier for the Black Moon Clan to take over. After the Spectre Sisters and Rubeus failed with that plan, Esmeraude used Dark Henge to absorb Dark Power to attempt to create a successful Negative Point and generate a Dark Gate.

As a spoken attack, Dark Power could take on different forms depending on its user. For example, when Koan used it in episode 63, it was blue fire, similar to her Dark Fire attack; when Petz used it in episode 72 in order to destroy the Black Moon Stick, it looked like black lightning, as in her Dark Thunder attack.