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The Death Mannetjes (デス・マネッチャーズ) were musical-only villains, a group of four henchmen specialized in disguise and imitation. Two different versions of them have appeared in different musicals.

First Stage Version[edit]

Death Debu Re and Death Ra

The original Death Mannetjes were part of the Death Busters in the musicals Sailor Moon S - Usagi Ai no Senshi e no Michi, Sailor Moon S - Henshin - Super Senshi e no Michi, and its revision. In this version they appeared as four men with lumpy outgrowths on their scalps, wearing identical suits in silver and black (when first seen they also wore long coats with symbols in different colors on their backs). The Death Mannetjes thought highly of themselves and took great pride in being masters of mimicry. Although their disguises were at times quite less than perfect, they managed to duplicate Tuxedo Mask so well that they themselves could not tell who was the real one.

The Death Mannetjes' nature or background was never specified. They were Professor Tomoe's minions while Kaolinite had her own group of servants, the female Death Nightmares. There was notable rivalry between them, as both groups considered themselves better suited to search for the Talismans.

The Death Mannetjes fell in battle against the Sailor Senshi, but they were later revived (along with the rest of the Death Busters) by Sailor Moon.


  • Death Ra, the leader, had a mohawk haircut. He eventually powered up and gained inhuman strength. In this later form he wore a striped wrestling outfit.
  • Death Ri kept his hair tied into short braids with red ribbons. He had no individual scene in the musicals to set him apart from the others.
  • Death Ru was tricked by Tuxedo Mask but proved to be resilient, capable of staggering away from a supposedly fatal fall.
  • Death Debu Re was overweight and proud of it. Having the additional ability to feel the scent of Pure Hearts, he tracked and identified Ami only by using his nose.

The Dracul Version[edit]

The Dracul Death Mannetjes

The later Death Mannetjes were four Homunculi created by Undead Berserk (disguised as Professor Tomoe) in the first musical of the Dracul arc, Shin / Henshin - Super Senshi e no Michi - Last Dracul Jokyoku. These Mannetjes too specialized in mimicry and disguise, but they were even more of comedy characters than their predecessors. They appeared as four figures, of whom one was a woman, in rubbery suits of different colors.

The Death Mannetjes were considered to be failed experiments because of the impure hearts used in creating them (Undead Berserk had retrieved these in various entertainment venues; he claimed to regret having haggled over the price for them). They were motivated by a quest to seek flawless perfection, and because of the circumstances of their creation, they strongly disliked being called failures. Their imitations were sometimes disasters, sometimes fairly successful. Unlike their predecessors they did manage to kill Tuxedo Mask, although he was later revived by Count Dracul. Although unintimidating in combat, they were not completely powerless: at one point, Death Pi froze the entire surface of a lake. The Sailor Senshi considered these Death Mannetjes to be among the weakest villains they had ever faced, and were able to defeat all of them without any use of their Senshi attacks.

Undead Berserk killed all four of them, almost at random, in a fit of fury during the musical's final battle.


  • Death Pa wore red. His heart came from a gay bar district, and he would often speak and behave in an effeminate manner.
  • Death Pi wore orange. Her heart came from a bicycle racetrack. She was very energetic - and loud, often yelling her lines.
  • Death Pu wore green. His heart came from a show theater and he tended to become melodramatic. It was he who stabbed Tuxedo Mask.
  • Death Pe wore blue. His heart came from an amusement park. He was short and would often fall and tumble, reminiscent of a circus midget.

Notes and References[edit]

  • "Mannetje" is the Dutch word for Homunculus; both terms are diminuitive for "man."
  • The Death Mannetjes' mimicry is a pun, as the Japanese "mane" (真似/まね) means "imitation."
  • Some of the information from the Dracul musical was translated from the Last Dracul Dictionary, Death Mannetjes entry.