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This article is about the group of enemy minions from various musicals. For the character from Shin Densetsu Kourin, see Nightmare.

The Death Nightmares (デス・ナイトメア) were female minions of the villains in the Sailor Moon musicals. They appeared in two different versions.

First Stage Version[edit]

The first Death Nightmares were nameless members of the Death Busters who served under Kaolinite in the musical Usagi Ai no Senshi e no Michi, in which they appeared as four beautiful and seductive women with silver hair, who wore pink and yellow dresses.

The Death Nightmares' nature or background was never specified in that musical, though there was a rivalry between them and Professor Tomoe's male minions, the Death Mannetjes, in the search for the Talismans. They used the Daimon Gondola to steal Chibiusa's Pure Heart Crystal, though their plan was foiled by Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.

The Death Nightmares were eventually killed by the Sailor Senshi, but they were later revived, along with the rest of the Death Busters, by Sailor Moon.

In Super Senshi e no Michi and its revision, their role was presumably the same, but there were six of them instead of four.

They were played by Kaori Ishikawa, Ado Endou, Yuuko Matsumoto, Eri Ikemoto, Hisako Doubayashi, Yoshiko Nakahara, and Junko Oyama

The Dracul Version[edit]

In this version, the Death Nightmares were four dream demons or yokai serving under Death Lamia. She referred to them as "Muma" (夢魔; Nightmare). In the first musical of the Dracul arc, Last Dracul Jokyoku, they again appeared as four attractive women, but this time had dark hair and wore black dresses with yellow stripes. When they first appeared, they showed Usagi a nightmare that made her believe calamity would befall her should she transform into Sailor Moon. They had apparently been persuaded to join forces with Professor Souichi Tomoe/Undead Berserk in his quest to create perfect Homunculi by the promise of blood. They later used their powers of illusion to put the Inner Senshi under the control of the enemy; they intended to fuse the Star Seeds of the Inner Senshi with the Samael Flasks for the sake of the Homunculi, then allow Berserk to devour their flesh while the Death Nightmares consumed their dreams.

Two of them were given as servants to Count Dracul by Undead Berserk. Dracul bit one of them, thus changing her into a vampire completely subservient to him. He also named her "Le Fay" in honor of his late wife, and told her to act as a mother to his daughter Bloody Dracul Vampir. At the end of the musical, after Count Dracul's death, Le Fay rebelled against her former masters and even killed one of her fellow Nightmares so she could escape to Transylvania in order to fulfill Dracul's command. Death Lamia ordered the remaining Nightmares to let Le Fay go before she herself departed, leaving the two to fight the Sailor Senshi alongside Berserk until they were destroyed by Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Le Fay later appeared in Transylvania no Mori and its revision, where she served Bloody Dracul Vampir and later died protecting her. In that musical, Vampir mocked the Muma, saying they were nothing more than dancing demons who were not even that skilled at their art.

Le Fay came back from the dead, again in her Nightmare form, in Death Vulcan no Fuuin, where her true name was finally revealed as "Olam Tiphareth." She, along with two other Death Nightmares, were depicted as powerful spellcasters. Their true allegiance was left unclear in this musical, but their stated purpose was to destroy life on Earth. Count Dracul revealed that they were the ones responsible for the fact that Death Vulcan had such great powers even though he was merely a torn up planet. They also claimed to be the ones behind the entire conflict.

In this musical, Count Dracul described them as being Youma who lived in dreams and feasted on souls, corrupting people's hearts and sending them to the underworld. Because they could never truly have physical bodies of their own, they were jealous of human bodies. In the end they disappeared into the underworld, along with Dracul and his brother Dark Cain.

The unnamed Nightmares were played by Junko Yamauchi and Izumi Ogino.