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Doujinshi (同人誌) are self-published manga, often created by amateurs called doujinka (同人家; doujinshi writer) (like mangaka (漫画家; manga writer)).

Some doujinshi are of original concepts and characters, but most are like fanfiction of existing series, such as Sailor Moon. Some doujinshi are of an adult nature, featuring characters in sexual situations, but not all.

Nowadays, doujinshi has been considerably commercialized and become a big business, with dedicated sales sections at some large manga shops. Many professional manga writers, even famous ones, still publish their own doujinshi because they have contents unsuitable for the mainstream market, such as obscure themes, sexually explicit material, etc., or because the writer wishes to experiment with new ideas to be put in their mainstream works.

Thanks to a number of "doujinshi writers" who just want to earn some money on a hit-and-run basis with eye-catching covers, the quality of doujinshi contents varies largely. Hence, there are dedicated doujinshi magazines/guides helping readers to accomplish the non-trivial task of choosing among tens of thousands of titles.

Notable Doujinshi Circles[edit]

Notable Anthologies[edit]

  • Colorful Moon
  • From the Moon
  • Lunatic Party
  • Moon Fight
  • Moon Paradise

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