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Character Information
Name: Esmeraude
Name (kanji/kana): エスメロード
Alignment: Black Moon Clan
Species: Humanoid
Gender: Female
Lives: Nemesis
Occupation: Member of the Black Moon Clan
Family: Unknown
Associates: Prince Demande, Saphir, Chiral, Achiral
Aliases: Green Esmeraude, Queen Esmeraude (anime only)
First Anime Appearance: A UFO Appears! The Sailor Senshi are Abducted
First Manga Appearance: Act 15 Shinnyuu SAILORMARS
First PGSM Appearance: N/A
English Name: Emerald (dub, Mixx manga), Esmeraude (Viz dub, Kodansha manga)
Actors: Mami Koyama (anime), Houko Kuwashima (Crystal), Kirsten Bishop (dub), Rena Mandel (Viz dub)

Esmeraude was a member of the Black Moon Clan.


In the anime, Esmeraude took Rubeus' place and did everything within her power to win the attention of Prince Demande, after she allowed Rubeus to die in his ship. Her mission was to set up Dark Henge throughout Tokyo, which would eventually grow and create the Dark Gate, but she failed due to the interference of the Sailor Senshi. Wiseman then took advantage of her desires and gave her a crown he claimed would make her the queen of Nemesis. His claim was false, however, and it instead made her transform into a giant dragon; in that form she attacked the palace in Crystal Tokyo. When she was defeated by Sailor Moon's Moon Princess Halation, her dragon form crumbled away into dust, similar to what happened to the Droids destroyed by that attack, but she appeared again in her human form wearing the crown Wiseman had given her. The crown then fell away and she vanished into darkness.


In the manga, Esmeraude attacked Sailor Moon with her associates Chiral and Achiral when they arrived in Crystal Tokyo. After she failed, she was given a second chance, and tried to use her power of Beast Hand to strangle Chibiusa. She was stopped by Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, and Tuxedo Mask, and turned her attack on them. Tuxedo Mask then destroyed her using Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber.


Miki Kawasaki
as Esmeraude

In the musicals, Esmeraude was played by Miki Kawasaki and Mitsumi Hiromura.

In Tanjou! Ankoku no Princess Black Lady, Esmeraude disguised herself as the mother of Aaron and Manna during her appearance at a contest she had created to lure the Sailor Senshi and steal their Silver Crystal. She appeared as a wealthy woman and danced alongside Petz, Calaveras, Veneti, and Aquatici while Aaron and Manna performed an orchestral version of "La Soldier." The plan proved to be a success when Minako Aino took away some of Esmeraude's money and accidentally pointed out the carrier of the Silver Crystal.



  • Esmeraude's name is taken from an obsolete French word for emerald.[1]
  • In the Materials Collection, she was referred to as a "high queen with an alluring, booming voice."


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