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An eyecatch is a special animated segment that typically appears in the middle of an anime episode, meaning a cut to or from commercials. Each season of the Sailor Moon anime featured a different eyecatch segment.

First Season[edit]

The first season eyecatch

In this sequence, a spotlight moved around a starry background, first illuminating Luna, then pausing on Sailor Moon, who was facing away. A voiceover announced, "Sailor Moon!" and the season logo appeared as she turned, looking over her shoulder at the "camera." In the pre-commercial eyecatch, the voices sounded male; in the post-commercial eyecatch, they sounded female. The only exception was the first episode, in which both voiceovers were male.

Sailor Moon R[edit]

The pre-commercial
R season eyecatch
The post-commercial
R season eyecatch

In the sequence when the show cut to commercials, chibi versions of the Inner Senshi jumped onto the screen one by one, then struck a pose as a voiceover said, "Sailor Moon R!" and the season logo appeared.

When the show returned from commercials, the screen was split into five parts, each with a different colored background. The faces of the Inner Senshi appeared one by one in the segment of their corresponding color, then the segments disappeared, replaced by a shot of the night sky as beams of light in their colors shot toward the moon and formed the season logo. The Senshi then reappeared in a still pose, as the voiceover said, "Sailor Moon R!".

The voice of Sailor Moon in this eyecatch was provided by Kae Araki, as it was made while Kotono Mitsuishi was ill.

Sailor Moon S[edit]

The S season eyecatch

In this sequence, Sailor Moon appeared and winked, causing a small pink heart to appear beside her eye and fly away, then she turned so her profile was visible. Her profile then faded into the silhouette on the season logo as a choral voiceover sang, "Sailor Moon Super!".

The sequence when the show returned from commercials was slightly different from the one when it cut to commercials, in that Sailor Moon's appearance was preceded by a shower of rose petals.

Sailor Moon SuperS[edit]

The SuperS season eyecatch

This sequence started as white feathers floated past against a black background. Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon faded into view, then struck a pose as mirror images of Pegasus appeared behind them. The season logo appeared as the choral voiceover sang, "Sailor Moon!".

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars[edit]

The Stars season eyecatch

In this sequence, musical notes floated past as stars whirled about in a circle. The stars then coalesced and, in a flash of light, separated again into five glowing stars. The five stars spun, then froze into place as Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus each appeared on one of the stars. The season logo appeared as the choral voiceover sang, "Sailor Stars!".

After the Queen Nehellenia arc there was an added sound effect as the stars spun.

In this eyecatch the collar of Eternal Sailor Moon's sailor fuku had a single red stripe instead of the three yellow stripes it was supposed to have.