False Tiara

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Sailor Senshi Items
False Tiara
Item Name: False Tiara
Item Name (Kanji/kana): 贋物のティアラ
Used by: Princess Sailor Venus
Used for: Reinforcing the decoy princess illusion
First Appearance: Act 12 - Sailor V's True Identity was the Princess!

The False Tiara was a crown worn by Sailor Venus in her disguise as "Princess Sailor Venus," to reinforce the idea that she was the Moon Princess, when in fact she was a decoy. It contained a false Silver Crystal in its center.

In Act 20, Sailor Venus rigged the tiara to explode in case it was stolen, as happened when Nephrite seized it. After the explosion, Sailor Venus revealed that she had an entire case filled with these tiaras to ensure the real Silver Crystal's security.