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Character Information
Name: Fiore
Name (kanji/kana): フィオレ
Alignment: Xenian Flower
Species: Unknown
Gender: Male
Lives: Asteroid; briefly in Tokyo, Japan
Occupation: None
Family: Unknown
Associates: Mamoru Chiba, Xenian Flower
Aliases: None
First Anime Appearance: Sailor Moon R movie
First Manga Appearance: N/A
First PGSM Appearance: N/A
English Name: Fiore
Actors: Hikaru Midorikawa (adult), Tomoko Maruo (child) (anime); Steven Bednarski (adult), Nadine Rabinovitch (child) (dub); Ben Diskin (adult) (Viz dub)

Fiore was a character whose first and only appearance was in the Sailor Moon R movie.

As a child, he wandered the universe alone until finally, exhausted, he ended up on Earth. Mamoru Chiba found him lying on the ground outside of the hospital where Mamoru was staying after the car accident that killed his parents. Fiore soon had to leave again, however, because his alien physiology was not compatible with the Earth's environment. Before he left, Mamoru gave him a rose, and Fiore promised to return the favor. He resumed his travels through space, resolving to find the most beautiful flowers to give to Mamoru. During his search, he discovered the malevolent Xenian Flower, an unassuming but extremely dangerous form of Flower Youma that preyed upon the emotionally vulnerable. The flower latched onto Fiore, turning his sadness at Mamoru's plight into an obsessive hatred of the people of Earth who had let such a thing happen.

Upon returning to Earth, Fiore discovered Mamoru's relationship with Usagi and jealously attacked her. He and the Xenian Flower sent Flower Youma to Earth in preparation for their plan for the Xenian to overwhelm the planet with more of her kind, but in a battle with the Sailor Senshi, Fiore accidentally wounded Tuxedo Mask when he took a blow for Sailor Moon. Distressed, Fiore took Mamoru away with him to the asteroid heading towards Earth that was covered with Flower Youma. He placed Mamoru inside a large fluid-filled crystal to heal him.

Young Fiore

The Sailor Senshi also made their way to the asteroid and a massive battle with Fiore ensued. In his determination to protect Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask escaped from the crystal and, even though still badly injured, attacked Fiore by throwing a rose at him. Believing that everything he loved had been taken away from him, Fiore decided to crash the asteroid into the Earth. When he tried to keep Sailor Moon from using the Silver Crystal to stop him, he saw a vision which revealed to him that the rose Mamoru gave him as a child originally came from Usagi. Stunned by this revelation, he repented and the flower's hold on him was broken. When Sailor Moon died after using the Silver Crystal to redirect the asteroid, Fiore used his own life force to revive her.


  • Fiore is the Italian word for "flower."
  • Fiore's physical resemblance to Ail and An has spurred fan speculation over whether he is one of the same species. Like Ail and An, he struggles to adapt to the Earth's ecosystem, although Ail and An were seemingly dependent upon the Makaiju, while Fiore appears to have no such limitation. Fiore and Ail share the same voice artist (Hikaru Midorikawa), and Kunihiko Ikuhara commented in the movie's memorial album that Fiore's full name should be "Fioreail" (フィオリエイル), provoking further speculation about Fiore and Ail possibly being related.
  • Despite speculation by the Sailor Senshi in the movie, and fans in real life, Fiore's feelings for Mamoru are never made explictly clear, and could be construed as a deep friendship or a homosexual love depending on the viewer's opinion. This relationship was, however, played down significantly in the English dub.