Forest of Illusion! Invitation of a Beautiful Fairy

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Episode Data
Fisheye asks Kitakata about his dreams
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): あやかしの森! 美しき妖精の誘い
Name (Romaji): Ayakashi no Mori! Utsukushiki Yousei no Izanai
Name (Translated): Forest of Illusion! Invitation of a Beautiful Fairy
Name (Viz Dub): Forest of Illusion: A Beautiful Fairy's Invitation
Episode Number: 137
Director: Kunihiko Ikuhara
Writer: Genki Yoshimura
Animation Director: Taichi Nakamura
Air Date: June 3, 1995
Previous Episode: Protect Mamoru! Jealousy of Usagi the Ninja
Next Episode: Drive to Heaven! Love Riding on the Car of Dreams
First English Dub Episode
Name: Phony Fairy
Number: 130
Company: Cloverway
Air Date: October 9, 2000
Previous Episode: The Trouble With Love
Next Episode: Driven Dreamer

Chibiusa befriends Kitakata, an artist obsessed with fairies. Meanwhile, Fisheye prepares to seduce Kitakata by disguising himself as a beautiful fairy.


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