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Character Information
Name: Grape
Name (kanji/kana): グレープ
Alignment: Dark Kingdom
Species: Youma
Gender: Female
Lives: D Point, near the North Pole
Occupation: Youma under the command of Zoisite
Family: Unknown
Associates: Zoisite, Housenka, Suzuran
Aliases: None
First Anime Appearance: Naru's Cry! Nephrite Dies for Love
First Manga Appearance: N/A
First PGSM Appearance: N/A
English Name: None
Actors: Sanae Takagi (anime), Elva Mai Hoover (DiC dub)

Grape was a Youma owned by Zoisite. She was part of a trio of Youma who were sent by Zoisite in order to kidnap Naru Osaka and take the Black Crystal from Nephrite. She attacked by extending the vine-like tendrils of her left arm and impaling her target with their sharp tips. When the vines were broken off in Nephrite's arm they exuded a painful energy that drained his life.

Sailor Mercury trapped the three Youma using Sabão Spray, and Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars finished them off with Moon Tiara Action and Fire Soul, respectively.