Hell Ant

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Character Information
Name: Hell Ant
Name (kanji/kana): ヘル・アント
Alignment: Makaiju
Species: Cardian
Gender: Female
Lives: Inside a card owned by Ail and An
Occupation: Servant to Ail and An
Family: None
Associates: Ail, An
Aliases: None
First Anime Appearance: Usagi's Crisis! The Tiara Doesn't Work
First Manga Appearance: N/A
First PGSM Appearance: N/A
English Name: Nacrid
Actors: Sanae Takagi (anime), Lisa Dalbello (dub)

Hell Ant was a Cardian released by Ail and An with the mission of gathering energy from humans in order to revive the Makaiju. She had olive green skin and wore a skimpy crimson and white outfit, and attacked people using tentacles attached to her back that would wrap around her target and drain their energy.

Her targets were patrons at a virtual reality laser tag game center, who thought she was simply another one of the virtual enemies and therefore did not run away immediately as other Cardian targets often did. When she attacked the Moonlight Knight and badly wounded him it reduced Sailor Moon to tears, rendering the Senshi helpless in combat. Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter then both destroyed Hell Ant with a combination of Crescent Beam and Supreme Thunder, respectively.