Hyperspatial Sphere Generate

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Sailor Senshi Magic
The sphere engulfs the Secret Base in Crystal
Command Name: Chou Jigen Kuukan Genshutsu
Command Name (kanji/kana): 超次元空間現出
English Name: Hyperspace Area Formation (Mixx manga), Hyperspatial Sphere Generate (Kodansha manga)
Performed by: Sailor Mercury
Item Required: Mercury Goggle
First Used (anime): Act.12 Teki - QUEEN METARIA -
First Used (manga): Act 11 Saikai ENDYMION

Hyperspatial Sphere Generate was a power used by Sailor Mercury in Act 11 of the manga and Act 12 of Sailor Moon Crystal. This power was used only once, to protect the Game Center Crown from destruction. How exactly it worked was unclear, but it seemed to distort the space around its user, creating a "subspace pocket" separated from the rest of the world.