Juuban Municipal Nursery School

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Juuban Municipal Nursery School (区立十番保育園) was a building that appeared only in the anime episode Mamoru and Usagi's Babysitting Mayhem.

The nursery was attended by a large number of babies and toddlers, including Manami. It was also once the target for Ail and An, who had decided to collect energy from babies to feed the Makaiju. While Usagi and Ami stopped breifly at the nursery to talk to Manami's mother, the Cardian Amaderasu descended from the sky and proceeded to drain energy from most of the babies, parents, and teachers. The victims had to be hospitalised, with the exception of Manami, who had been protected by his mother. This led to Mamoru briefly looking after Manami, since his mother was in hospital and his father was out of the country.