Karaoke Crown

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Karaoke Crown

Karaoke Crown (カラオケ・クラウン) was a basement karaoke parlor where Usagi and her friends liked to hang out in the live-action series, and the counterpart to the Game Center Crown from the anime and manga. It was also the location of the entrance to the Secret Base, which in this series was a private karaoke room that seemed to exist in another dimension.

Motoki worked at the karaoke parlor, and could almost always be seen behind the front counter talking to his turtle, Kamekichi. After Queen Beryl forced Nephrite to kill himself and he reappeared as a human, Motoki took pity on him and had him work at the parlor as well.


  • There was a poster on the wall at Karaoke Crown near the front door that said, "The Hideout." Some fans have wondered if that was supposed to be an ironic reference to the fact that the entrance to the Secret Base was in the building.