Lilica Hubert

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Character Information
Name: Lilica Hubert
Name (kanji/kana): リリカ・ユベール
Alignment: Evil (manga), none (anime)
Species: Vampire (manga), human (anime)
Gender: Female
Lives: Tokyo
Occupation: Vampire, primary school student
Family: Mother (manga), unknown (anime)
Associates: Chibiusa, Momoko Momohara, Kyuusuke Sarashina, Ishihara, Kuwano
Aliases: Mysterious Vampire Lemures
First Anime Appearance: Chibiusa's Adventure! The Dreaded Vampire Castle
First Manga Appearance: Chapter 1 Beware of the Transfer Student
First PGSM Appearance: N/A
English Name: Ririka Yubelle (Mixx manga), Lilica Hubert (Kodansha manga)
Actors: Yuriko Yamamoto (anime), Cindy Robinson (Viz dub)

Lilica Hubert was a transfer student at Chibiusa's school. She was a very pretty girl who was popular with her schoolmates, and supposedly the daughter of an ambassador, but was actually an enemy. In the anime, she was an innocent girl under the influence of a Lemures from the Dead Moon Circus, but in the manga she was a vampire with no affiliation to the other enemies of the Sailor Senshi.


In the anime, Lilica appeared in the SuperS special as a new transfer student at the school. Ishihara and then Kuwano walked her home after school, but both ended up missing afterwards. This, along with some of Lilica's strange behaviors, made Chibiusa suspicious. When Lilica did not show up for school one day, Chibiusa, Momoko, and Kyuusuke went to the embassy together. While there, Momoko asked to use the bathroom, and Lilica showed her where it was, but when it took a suspiciously long time for them to return the others went to look for her, and found Lilica drinking Momoko's blood.

Lilica transformed into her Lemures form and attacked the children, but the Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask arrived just in time and distracted her with Sailor Special Garlic Attack, allowing Sailor Moon to dispatch her with Moon Gorgeous Meditation. The Lemures possessing her was destroyed and she returned to being a normal girl, not remembering her time as a vampire.


The manga storyline was similar to the anime, except that Lilica and her mother, both vampires, lived at the embassy of the U Country and preyed on Chibiusa's classmates. They were confronted by Sailor Moon and Sailor V; after a brief fight Chibiusa stunned them with her Garlic Attack, then they were destroyed by Sailor Moon's Moon Princess Halation.