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WikiMoon is an ongoing project to create a definitive database of information about Sailor Moon. Since it started in May 2006, the project's users have created 3,893 articles.

The goal of the project is to not only develop comprehensive information on the series itself, but the fandom as well. We'd like to provide a neutral ground for information, which takes into account multiple viewpoints but also gets to the truth behind events - eventually compiling a record of Sailor Moon fandom in the west. If you'd like to join us, then go to the Welcome page for tips on how to get started. (日本語)

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Nemesis Crystal.jpg

Nemesis (ネメシス), also known as the Dark Moon (暗黒の月), was the tenth planet of the Solar System, and the location of the Black Moon Castle, the seat of the Black Moon Clan's power. The planet itself was made of Evil Black Crystal, which was capable of absorbing light, much like a black hole. This would cause the planet to appear and disappear from the sensors tracking it in Crystal Tokyo, making its orbit seem erratic and difficult to trace. For a long time, the planet remained cloaked in darkness, but some time in the 30th century it began to emit large amounts of negative energy, indicating its presence.

Soon after the creation of Crystal Tokyo, there was a challenge to the peace made by the Death Phantom. Because he was human, Neo-Queen Serenity did not want to kill him, so she banished him to the planet Nemesis and it became forbidden. Many years later, there was another revolt on the Earth. After the battle, those who did not want to stay left Earth and ended up on Nemesis where they came under the influence of the Death Phantom.

At some point in time, the Death Phantom lost his physical body and his will became one with the planet.

In the manga and Sailor Moon Crystal, Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Jupiter were captured and held in the dungeon on Nemesis.

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Sailor Moon Eternal Poster.jpg

Do you remember the one where the Dead Moon Circus invades the Earth? Sailor Moon Eternal was the fourth story arc of the Sailor Moon Crystal series.

As the sun rises over the Earth, Zirconia stands before a mirror and tells Queen Nehellenia that the time has come.

Chibiusa is preparing to return to the 30th century, now that Usagi is entering high school, Mamoru is entering medical school, and she has become a great Sailor Senshi. When she arrives at Ichinohashi Park with Usagi and Mamoru, however, they find it crowded with people wanting to watch a solar eclipse, so they settle in to see the event as well.

Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako have gathered at the Hikawa Shrine to also watch the eclipse. When Ami mentions how rare a thing it is, Minako wonders if it will grant her wish to become an idol. Makoto says her dream is to become a bride and run a flower or cake shop, while Ami says she wants to become a doctor, and Rei wants to take over the shrine from her grandfather.

As the moon covers the sun and it becomes darker, Chibiusa and Usagi hear the sound of a bell and turn to see a Pegasus, who greets them before vanishing. Mamoru also sees the vision, but when it fades he clutches his chest in sudden pain, though he tells the girls that it was nothing. The trio turn to watch the eclipse again and as the sun is completely blocked, they see a ship emerge from the darkened moon and voices announcing the arrival of the Dead Moon Circus....

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Did You Know... About WikiMoon
...that Aya Hisakawa, Megumi Ogata, and Kikuko Inoue, seiyuu who played parts in the first anime, have all released albums with their own renditions of "Moonlight Densetsu"?

...that only two of the Solar System Senshi, Minako and Ami, had given names written with kanji?

...that Ryuuta Tasaki, the director of the live-action series, played Kenji Tsukino when he appeared for the first and only time in the Special Act?

...that in episode 182 of the first anime, Usagi was wearing the shirt designed by Yoshiki Usui in episode 140?

...that the Dark Agency’s fictional base in Codename: Sailor V was based on the real-life Mielparque Hall in Shiba Koen?

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