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Mark Sprague is a Sailor Moon fan who in 1996 produced a fandub of the first five episodes of the Sailor Moon S season, which was one of the first English fandubs ever produced. The dub was done in a similar style to that of the English dub by DiC, and characters who had not appeared in the DiC version were given new English names: Haruka Tenou became "Erica," Michiru Kaiou was "Michelle," and Professor Tomoe was named "Professor Chronos." The voices were provided by Mark Sprague, some of his friends, and other people recruited from the newsgroup Most of the cast voiced several characters; Mark Sprague himself voiced Tuxedo Mask, Luna, Artemis, Kaolinite, and Professor Chronos.

The voice acting was finished by October 1996, but the five episodes were edited by Mark Sprague to fit on a single VHS tape which did not ship until March 1998. This delay caused a heated debate in the afs-m newsgroup by fans who had pre-ordered their tapes and suspected that the supposed fandub had been a scam.

Mark Sprague later made a fandub of the next Sailor Moon S episode with a different cast of voice actors, and though he never released it publicly it can now be found on video-sharing websites on the internet.

Episode Titles[edit]

90. The End of the World? Enter the New Warriors!
91. The Scepter of Love. Serena's New Transformation
92. The Mysterious, Handsome Guy? "Eric" Has a Secret!
93. Meet Michelle, the Elegant Genius!
94. Protect the Pure Soul! A Three-Way Showdown

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