Mio Kuroki

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Character Information
Name: Mio Kuroki
Name (kanji/kana): 黒木ミオ
Alignment: Dark Kingdom
Species: Humanoid
Gender: Female
Lives: D Point
Occupation: Dark Kingdom double agent, idol, student
Family: Unknown
Associates: Queen Metalia, Mamoru Chiba, Queen Beryl, Jadeite, Minako Aino, Rei Hino, Usagi Tsukino
Aliases: Queen Mio
First Anime Appearance: N/A
First Manga Appearance: N/A
First PGSM Appearance: Act 29 - Minako's Rival, Mio Kuroki, is a Transfer Student?
English Name: N/A
Actors: Alisa Yuriko Durbrow

Mio Kuroki was a character who appeared only in the live-action series. On the outside, Mio was a new teenage idol whose signature song, "Change of Pace," had a following comparable to that of Minako Aino's "C'est la Vie." Also like Minako, she was good at volleyball, and claimed to be a good friend of Usagi's. The truth, however, was much more sinister.

Mio was in truth a clone of Queen Beryl, created by her and Jadeite some time between Act 25 and Act 28. Her objectives in life were to be Beryl's eyes and ears in the human world, to give Mamoru Chiba to Queen Beryl, and to generally make the lives of the Sailor Senshi as miserable as possible - especially Usagi's. To do this, Mio did her best to be Usagi's friend (and always called her "Usagi-chan"), while simultaneously humiliating her at every turn. She also harmed people who saw through her, such as Naru Osaka, and constantly tried to upstage Minako whenever she could, with mixed results.

Mio was principal in getting Mamoru Chiba into Beryl's grasp, and once he was in the Dark Kingdom she watched over him and provided him with outside "encouragement" from Rei Hino when he was cursed. However, her treatment of Mamoru inadvertently came back to haunt her when Prince Endymion was possessed by Queen Metalia, who seemingly blasted her out of existence.

However, it turned out that the attack did not completely destroy her, though it took her four years to completely recover without Beryl's power to help her. Nevertheless, she returned in the Special Act and attempted to recreate the Dark Kingdom with her as its queen and Mamoru as the king. After realizing that Mamoru would always love Usagi even when brainwashed, she transformed into her true form: a giant black flower with sharp vines. She was finally destroyed when the Sailor Senshi performed Sailor Planet Attack.

There was some question amongst fans as to how much Mio was Beryl and how much Mio was her own person. It was possible that Mio was her own, independent entity that was controlled by Beryl when necessary, such as in Act 35 and Act 36. While Mio shared many of Beryl's beliefs and feelings, Mio did have some free will of her own, as she did many things independent of Queen Beryl. For example, she brought Rei to the Dark Kingdom on her own (because she was bored), and acted on her own in the Special Act after Queen Beryl had been dead for some time. Mio was possibly an alternate consciousness split from Queen Beryl's mind and materialized in a human form, hence she was described as Beryl's "shadow."


Before the Special Act, Mio exhibited some mind control powers, as well as the ability to injure people telepathically; the Special Act revealed her true form, as well as her ability to call up Youma on her own. When teleporting, Mio was symbolized by black flower petals.


  • The Japanese kanji characters for "Kuroki" (黒木) in her family name mean "black wood," which could be the reason why she took the form of a monstrous plant in the Special Act. They are also the same characters in Marina Kuroki's family name.