Moeco Matsushita

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Moeco Matsushita

Moeco Matsushita (松下萌子), born December 19, 1982, in Kobe, Japan, is an actress who played Hina Kusaka in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. After winning the "Multimedia Prize" at the 7th All-Japan National Pretty Young Girl Contest in 1997, she has become an all-round artist as a singer with a series of singles, a TV drama/movie/stage actress, a radio host, and also an idol with a number of idol products. One of her notable works is her rendition of the classic song "Ame" ( ; "Rain"), originally sung by Chisato Moritaka in the 90s. Her more recent work is starring in a children's stage drama performed over a period of time at various venues (Miyuu Sawai also plays a supporting role in the drama).


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