Moonlight Stick

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Sailor Senshi Weapon
Moonlight Stick
Item Name: Moonlight Stick
Item Name (kanji/kana): ムーンライト スティック
Used by: Sailor Moon, Sailor Luna
Attack(s) Required For: Moon Healing Escalation, Moon Twilight Flash, Moonlight Attractive Attack, Sailor Planet Attack (Sailor Moon); Luna Sucre Candy (Sailor Luna)
First Appearance: Act 1 - I am Sailor Moon! (Sailor Moon), Act 27 - Luna Became a Sailor Senshi! (Sailor Luna)

The Moonlight Stick was Sailor Moon's and Sailor Luna's weapon in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. It resembled the Moon Stick of the anime and manga, but the crescent moon was made of crystal, and its functions were not exactly the same. Also, the Silver Crystal never attached to it.

Sailor Moon's Moonlight Stick was used for Moon Healing Escalation, Moon Twilight Flash, and Moonlight Attractive Attack. It first appeared in Act 1, in the battle against the Youma that posessed Naru's mother. Sailor Moon called the Moonlight Stick by placing her right hand, with index and middle fingers extended, in front of her brooch, then raising her hand to the upper right. The Moonlight Stick then appeared coming out of her brooch.

In Act 27, the Moonlight Stick was shattered by Dark Mercury, but it reappeared again, undamaged, in Act 28. In Act 48, when Mamoru, controlled by Metalia, sent a blast of energy at Sailor Moon, she used the Moonlight Stick to defend herself. The blast caused it to shatter and disappear.

Sailor Luna's Moonlight Stick was used to perform Luna Sucre Candy, and could be transformed into different items, such as a net or harisen (張り扇).