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Usagi in front of Otafukuya

Otafukuya (お多福屋), also known as Beauty 4 You in the English dub, was a cosmetics store which sat on top of one of the future Crystal Points. Berthier attempted to contaminate it with Dark Power by sending Atsugessho to infiltrate it and sell her own brand of "Happy Clown Cosmetics" to the customers. This type of makeup supposedly improved girls' appearances for a brief amount of time, but would trigger skin problems and premature aging at an alarming rate after a few years of applying it.

When Usagi wandered into the store and scared off all the customers by declaring that makeup would not make a man fall in love with a girl, the Droid became angry and attacked her. After Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon and fought Atsugessho with the help of Luna and Tuxedo Mask, the Droid was destroyed and the Crystal Point saved.

Otafukuya later appeared in episode 70, when Koan bought a bottle of cologne for Rubeus at the store.