Parallel Sailor Moon

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Chapter Data
The other girls ditch Kousagi
Name (kanji/kana): ぱられるせぇらぁむーん
Name (romaji): Parareru Seeraamuun
Name (translated): Parallel Sailor Moon
Volume Number: Materials Collection
Chapter Number: N/A
Previous Chapter: None
Next Chapter: None

Parallel Sailor Moon was a short manga story which was originally released as part of the Materials Collection artbook, and was reprinted in 2004 as part of the book "Sailormoon Short Stories Vol. 2". The story was published in 1999, in honor of the Chinese year of the rabbit.


In an alternate-universe setting, Mamoru and Usagi have a second child, Kousagi. Kousagi has four triangular odango, mimicking her older sister's hair, and is more of a klutz than her mother. The children of her mother's friends, Ami, Rei, Mako, and Mina, are encouraged by their mothers to be friends with her, and all attend a cooking class taught by Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna. However, the other girls dislike Kousagi and only spend time with her because they have to.

Usagi is still very absent-minded, and often forgets about obligations such as PTA meetings. Mamoru is seen only briefly, and apparently works to support his family. Ami Mizuno works as an under-paid doctor, Rei Hino still works as a priestess, Makoto Kino owns a bakery, and Minako Aino follows celebrities, as her unseen husband works as an assistant director for a comedy. Each of their daughters look exactly like them. Chibiusa appears as a fifteen-year-old junior high student who attends cram school with her best friend, Hotaru.

In the story, Kousagi catches up with her team on their way to cooking class. As the four Parallel Inners play a game to decide who will stay with Kousagi, she discovers a pink cat. The four girls decide to leave both the cat and their bags behind with Kousagi and proceed to ditch her. As the children begin to run away, though, they are greeted with a large ball of energy. This comet-like entity begins to roar, and it blows away several people, almost crushing Kousagi. However, the nameless cat assumes human form and saves her, bringing her into a "Spirit Void" (similar to what Chibiusa was in when she was rescued by Hotaru's soul in the Infinity arc of the manga). It was here that the cat informed Kousagi that she is a princess, and that her friends Ami, Rei, Mako, and Mina are her court.

With a cry of "Parallel Moon Power, Make Up!" Kousagi transforms into a new Sailor Senshi. The rest of her team appears, also in Senshi form. The comet reveals itself to be a mass of rabbits, and Kousagi exclaims that they need cats to take down the enemy. Using her power, she gathers up a herd of cats through her teammates, and combines them into a giant cat. The giant cat devours the rabbit comet, and the world is saved.

The girls then wake up and find Setsuna, Haruka, and Michiru standing over them, annoyed at them because they dozed off after showing up late. The children wonder if it was all a dream, but the nameless cat appears and winks at them, indicating that it was real.