Pegasus is Gone!? Swinging Friendships

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Episode Data
Chibiusa worries about Pegasus
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): ペガサスが消えた!? ゆれ動く友情
Name (Romaji): Pegasasu ga Kieta!? Yure Ugoku Yuujou
Name (Translated): Pegasus is Gone!? Swinging Friendships
Name (Viz Dub): Pegasus Disappears: Wavering Friendship
Episode Number: 157
Director: Harume Kosaka
Writer: Ryota Yamaguchi
Animation Director: Yuuji Kondou
Air Date: December 16, 1995
Previous Episode: Don't Lose Your Dreams! The Truth-Reflecting Mirror
Next Episode: The Secret of Pegasus! The Handsome Guardian of the Dream World
First English Dub Episode
Name: Dream Believer
Number: 150
Company: Cloverway
Air Date: November 3, 2000
Previous Episode: Reflections of Reality
Next Episode: Pegasus Revealed

While VesVes targets an eccentric acquaintance of Chibiusa's who is trying to make a flying machine, Chibiusa worries that Pegasus does not trust her.


Chibiusa, Momo, and Kyuusuke are watching a pair of swans in the lake when a boy comes racing down the hill toward them on his flying machine, a hybrid between a bicycle and a glider. The three get out of the way as he crashes through the railing they were once leaning on, taking to the skies only for a short moment before crashing into the lake, scaring away the swans. Kyuusuke calls out to ask if the pilot is all right, and upon looking him over, Kyuusuke and the others recognize him as their schoolmate Hiroki.

The four sit down together and Hiroki proceeds to tell them about his dream: to freely soar in the skies in his handmade aircraft known as the Saint Louis. Kyuusuke is quick to criticize the idea, saying it is impossible for a bicycle to fly. However, Hiroki holds to his dream and describes in detail the work he put into his invention. Kyuusuke still isn't convinced, and Momo swats him upside the head for being insensitive. Chibiusa chimes in support for Hiroki's dream but he pushes it away, thinking it an offer to help with his dream when he's intent on fulfilling it alone. Hiroki thanks the others for their assistance in helping him out of the lake, then gets to work picking up the pieces of his broken Saint Louis before walking off.

At night in her bedroom, Chibiusa consults with Pegasus about her strange classmate, and he tells her that Hiroki may just need friends to share his dream with him. Chibiusa says she wishes to be one of those friends, and resolves to return to the lake tomorrow and cheer him on.

Meanwhile at the circus tent, after being scolded by Queen Nehellenia for still not having captured Pegasus, Zirconia vows to double her efforts and provides the Amazoness Quartet with a new target: Hiroki. The girls examine the photograph provided, but before they can decide who will go, VesVes appears and snags the picture, saying she had dibs on the target, as indicated by a drawing she had scribbled of herself on the back side of the photo some time ago.

Chibiusa returns to the hill to watch Hiroki's next attempted takeoff, this time bringing along Pegasus in the Stallion Rêve with her, since he had expressed empathy with Hiroki's desire to fly freely. As Chibiusa and Pegasus admire the boy's drive, as he'd already repaired his formerly wrecked flying machine over the span of a day, Usagi appears along with the rest of the Inner Senshi plus Kyuusuke and Momo, who all arrived in hopes of seeing the Saint Louis fly.

Hiroki begins his takeoff, speeding down the hill to gain momentum and briefly lifting off. For a moment it seems that he's finally succeeded, but one of the wings above the bicycle unexpectedly shreds and sends Hiroki plummeting into the lake once more.

The group sits by the side of the lake, with Hiroki warming up by a fire and lamenting over his failure while looking over the blueprints for the Saint Louis. Usagi asks to see them and hands them over to Ami, who applauds the boy's ingenuity and offers some advice. The others chime in with their own suggestions, but Hiroki tells them all to stop, as he's still intent on doing this on his own. Then Kyuusuke pipes up, telling him to drop that attitude, because working with others is sometimes necessary to achieve a goal, citing the Wright Brothers as an example. This makes Hiroki reconsider, and he finally accepts Kyuusuke's help. Momo remarks on the boys' new friendship, saying that it's good to have a friend you can talk to about anything.

Momo's remark prompts Chibiusa to return to the park later that night and talk with Pegasus, questioning their own friendship and whether or not Pegasus truly likes her, since he's still withholding so much about himself while Chibiusa has told him nearly everything about herself. Pegasus refuses to divulge any information at the moment, saying that it's enough that he's here before Chibiusa's eyes. This frustrates Chibiusa, who insists that if they're really close friends, he should be able to tell her anything. Pegasus replies that if she cannot believe in him, he can't be by her side. As he begs her to believe, Pegasus and the Stallion Rêve slowly fade from Chibiusa's hold, turning into sparkles and floating into the night sky.

Now standing on an overpass, Chibiusa ponders Pegasus' disappearance, wondering why he refused to tell her more and why he mysteriously vanished. While she's lost in thought Mamoru arrives and asks what's troubling her, and offers to walk her back home. On their way back to the Tsukino house, Chibiusa asks Mamoru if he has ever gotten in an argument with Usagi or had to hide anything from her. He says that it's happened before but doesn't any longer, but before he can continue, Usagi happens upon the pair and offers to walk Chibiusa the rest of the way home. Chibiusa refuses and yells at Usagi for constantly peeking into her room and failing to understand the issues she's going through, saying that there are things troubling her that she can't talk about. That last part forces her to think of Pegasus, who also spoke of his inability to divulge secrets. Usagi seems to understand, and lets Chibiusa continue back home with Mamoru.

The next day on the hill, Hiroki is preparing yet another flight, this time together with Kyuusuke, and a second seat added to the Saint Louis. Hiroki tells Chibiusa that this time things will work, as he's accepted the advice Ami and everybody else gave him. He goes on to say how great it is to have friends to believe in, prompting memories of Pegasus to once again resurface in Chibiusa's mind.

Before he can take off, VesVes arrives dressed in pilot's gear, balancing atop a ball. Her disguise is quickly recognized as suspicious by the boys and she abandons it, proceeding to remove Hiroki's Dream Mirror with her Colliding Ball attack. His dream mirror is revealed to be just a plain one, and angered by yet another false lead, VesVes prepares to destroy the mirror and deprive Pegasus of another potential hiding place. Super Sailor Chibi Moon arrives and, after giving her opening speech, pulls out the Crystal Carillon and uses it to perform an attack similar to Pink Sugar Heart Attack.

VesVes steps aside and summons her Lemures PaoPao Musume to fight Sailor Chibi Moon and devour Hiroki's Dream Mirror. PaoPao Musume charges for the Dream Mirror but is stopped dead in her tracks by a rose thrown by Tuxedo Mask, who had timely arrived on the scene alongside Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Mercury. Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars combine Mercury Aqua Rhapsody and Mars Flame Sniper to stun the Lemures, but when Sailor Chibi Moon prepares to use Twinkle Yell to call Pegasus she realizes she no longer can after his disappearance, calling herself unworthy of summoning him.

PaoPao Musume recovers and charges at Sailor Chibi Moon, but is tackled out of harm's way by Sailor Moon, who apologizes for the previous night and encourages her to believe in herself. Sailor Chibi Moon attempts to use Twinkle Yell a second time and it works, with Pegasus appearing and powering up Sailor Moon's Kaleidomoon Scope, allowing her to finish off PaoPao Musume with Moon Gorgeous Meditation. With her Lemures defeated, VesVes vows revenge and retreats. Pegasus reminds Chibi Moon that he'll always be there so long as she believes in her dreams, then disappears.

Later, Hiroki and Kyuusuke attempt another flight with the Saint Louis and succeed, much to everyone's delight. While watching, Chibiusa reflects on how the power to believe can create a wonderful miracle.

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