Pink Moon Stick

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Sailor Senshi Weapon
Pink Moon Stick in the anime
Item Name: Pink Moon Stick
Item Name (kanji/kana): ピンク・ムーン・スティック
English Name: Pink Moon Stick
Used by: Sailor Chibi Moon
Attack(s) Required For: Pink Sugar Heart Attack, Pink Sugar Tuxedo Attack, Starlight Honeymoon Double Therapy Kiss (musicals only)
First Appearance (anime): The Arrival of the Tiny Pretty Senshi
First Appearance (manga): Act 31 Mugen 5 SAILORPLUTO Meiou Setsuna

The Pink Moon Stick was Sailor Chibi Moon's first weapon as a Sailor Senshi. She used it to perform Pink Sugar Heart Attack.

In the anime, Sailor Chibi Moon brought the Pink Moon Stick with her from the future. In the manga, when Sailor Chibi Moon wished she had a way to help her friends fight, Luna P transformed into the wand.


  • The booklet in one of the Japanese Sailor Moon Crystal blu-ray releases called this the "Pink Sugar Rod" (ピンク・シュガー・ロッド).