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Pioneer, now known as Geneon, is a Japanese entertainment company whose North American branch was responsible for distributing part of the Sailor Moon anime in North America. The first season and Sailor Moon R were dubbed by DiC and released to video by ADV, but they ceased production after the second season. Eventually, Cloverway took over the production of the English dub, and their dub of the Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon SuperS seasons, as well as the three movies, were distributed on DVD by Pioneer.

In July of 2003 Pioneer was acquired by Dentsu Incorporated, at which time the company's name changed to Geneon Entertainment. In 2007 Geneon USA ceased acquisition and distribution of titles, and the next year Funimation successfully negotiated to obtain the rights to several of the titles in Geneon's library. In early 2009, Geneon merged with NBCUniversal's Japanese division.

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