Awaken, Sleeping Beauty! Mamoru's Distress

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Episode Data
Luna begs for Mamoru's help
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): 目覚めよ眠れる美少女! 衛の苦悩
Name (Romaji): Mezame yo Nemureru Bishoujo! Mamoru no Kunou
Name (Translated): Awaken, Sleeping Beauty! Mamoru's Distress
Name (Viz Dub): Awaken the Sleeping Beauty: Mamoru's Distress
Episode Number: 69
Director: Takao Yoshizawa
Writer: Sukehiro Tomita
Animation Director: Kazuko Tadano
Air Date: September 25, 1993
Previous Episode: Protect Chibiusa! Clash of the Ten Warriors
Next Episode: A Battle of the Flames of Love! Mars vs Koan
First English Dub Episode
Name: Prediction of Doom
Number: 62
Company: DiC
Air Date: November 16, 1995
Previous Episode: Naughty 'N' Nice
Next Episode: Enemies No More

Sailor Moon is attacked by a Droid who locks her in a nightmare, and the only one who can wake her is Tuxedo Mask.


Usagi is reading "Sleeping Beauty" to Chibiusa as a bedtime story, but Chibiusa thinks it's boring because she's already heard it. Usagi chides her for being ungrateful and continues. Once finished, Usagi asks Chibiusa if she thinks it's romantic, but Chibiusa has fallen asleep. Usagi is annoyed, but Luna tells her to let the girl sleep.

Mamoru is dreaming that he and Usagi are getting married, but the dream turns to a nightmare as Usagi turns into Princess Serenity and the world crumbles around her. A mysterious voice tells him that if he ever gets close to Usagi, the world will crumble and Princess Serenity will be struck by misfortune. Mamoru demands to know who is making him see this dream over and over, and thinks it might be a trick.

After Mamoru wakes, he looks at a photo of himself and Usagi, wondering if the dream is a lie. Suddenly, the glass in the frame shatters and the Usagi of the photo slumps over lifelessly. When he looks again, the picture is back to normal, but the glass is still broken. The next morning, Mamoru stands on a bridge looking into the water below, in which he sees Usagi's smiling face. Usagi appears and tries to talk to him, but Mamoru brushes her off and continues with his morning jog, apologizing to Usagi in his mind as he jogs away.

Later, Mamoru meets Motoki at the Fruits Parlor Crown. Motoki asks what's wrong, and Mamoru asks Motoki how can he get a girl to hate him. Motoki is confused by this question, but then a pretty waitress appears with Mamoru's order.

Usagi and the other Senshi have gathered in Juuban Park, and there discuss Chibiusa and Crystal Tokyo. Usagi isn't really paying attention, and wonders why Mamoru is avoiding her. Luna and Artemis scold her, saying that they need to be worrying about the enemy. Usagi gets annoyed when she hears a motorcyclist revving his engine and making lots of noise, but the motorcyclist turns out to be Mamoru, with the pretty waitress on the back of his bike. Usagi confronts Mamoru and demands to know who the girl is, but Mamoru tells her it's none of her business. The waitress asks Mamoru who Usagi is, and Mamoru says that she is just someone he knows. He drives off, leaving Usagi in tears. As he drives away, he remembers his nightmare; he again mentally apologizes to Usagi, thinking that he needs to avoid her until he can figure out what the dream means.

That night, at the Tsukino residence, Luna comes across Usagi stuffing herself in front of the fridge. When Luna asks why Usagi isn't worried about putting on weight, Usagi replies she doesn't care now that Mamoru has a new girlfriend.

Chibiusa overhears and is upset by this new information. She runs outside, and is so upset that she runs into the street and is nearly hit by a truck; this scares her enough that she releases a moonbeam. Usagi notices, and Luna tells her that Chibiusa isn't in the house. The Black Moon Clan also notice, and Petz and Calaveras track Chibiusa down to Juuban Park. The pair attack Chibiusa, but Usagi and Luna find her in time, and Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon. Luna and Sailor Moon get Chibiusa away from Petz and Calaveras, but the two villainesses unleash the Droid Akumuda, who sends Sailor Moon into a hypnotic sleep.

The two sisters continue their attack on Chibiusa but are interrupted by the Sailor Team. Realizing the odds are against them, Petz and Calaveras depart, leaving Akumuda to fight the Senshi. Akumuda tries to put the other Senshi to sleep as well, but Sailor Mars stops her attack with Akuryo Taisan. Akumuda is not destroyed, however, and says that as Sailor Moon continues to dream, she will use up all her energy and die. The Droid disappears into Sailor Moon's dream, and the Senshi begins to glow.

In her dream, Sailor Moon desperately tries to get to Mamoru, begging him not to leave, but he is always just out of reach. In the real world, the other Senshi try to wake her up with no success; Sailor Mars finally slaps Sailor Moon, but all it does is cause Sailor Moon to murmur Mamoru's name in her sleep.

Luna sees this, and remembering Usagi's despair earlier that night, dashes off toward Mamoru's apartment. Luna wakes Mamoru by jumping upon him, then tearfully begs him to help; she can't understand why he is suddenly being so cruel to the one he loves, and Mamoru can't answer. He is reluctant to help, until Luna tells him that Sailor Moon is about to die.

Mamoru drives toward Juuban Park on his motorcycle, transforming into Tuxedo Mask as he goes, and begs Usagi to stay alive till he gets there.

Usagi is still trapped in her dream, despite her friends' efforts to wake her. They are becoming increasingly alarmed by the time Tuxedo Mask arrives. He tries to wake Sailor Moon, but can't. He thinks of the nightmare again, but when he hears Sailor Moon call out for him in her sleep, he realizes that only one thing will awaken her; he asks for her forgiveness, then kisses her. Inside the dream, Sailor Moon finally reaches Mamoru, and Akumuda's power is broken. Sailor Moon awakens, and Sailor Mercury says her energy has been revived by the power of love. Everyone is relieved and Chibiusa, remembering her bedtime story, comments that the fairytale came true.

Akumuda reappears and attacks Tuxedo Mask, but Sailor Moon uses Moon Princess Halation to destroy her. He congratulates her on her victory, making her exclaim happily that he does love her after all. Tuxedo Mask remembers his vision, however, and insists that he does not. He crushes a rose in his hand, then drops it on the ground and leaves. Sailor Moon drops to her knees, devastated. Mamoru goes down to the waterfront, where he whispers an apology to Usagi and starts to cry.

The next day, Usagi meets the waitress who turns out to be Unazuki Furuhata, Motoki's younger sister. Unazuki also already has a boyfriend, and says that Mamoru was just giving her a ride so she wouldn't be late for a date with him. Usagi is delighted at this news, and while she doesn't understand why Mamoru is avoiding her, she resolves to win his love back no matter what.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • In the last scene with Mamoru there was a billboard in the background that read "SR-MOON."
  • Several things were changed in the first English dub of this episode: Sailor Moon's dream and Sailor Mars slapping her were both edited out (even though the latter remained in the opening preview), while the Scouts yawning after hearing Hypnotica's lullaby and Sailor Mars insulting Hypnotica's lack of singing ability were added in.


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