Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 6

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DVD Information
Title: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 6
Season: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
DVD Region: 2
Catalog Number: BCBS-1817
Release Date: August 27, 2004
Audio Tracks: Japanese
Subtitles: None
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon DVD chronology
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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 6 was the sixth volume of the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon television series, and was available in both DVD and VHS format. The DVD version also included the sixth "Oshiokiyo" omake as an extra, this one featuring Miyuu Sawai and Mew Azama.



Sailor Moon ni Oshiokiyo[edit]

  • The first part focused on Dark Mercury, and they showed the clip where she first showed herself to Sailor Moon. Mew said that when Makoto took Ami to the amusement park there was a part where Ami waved and called Makoto's name, and that always made her tear up because she knew what was about to happen. Miyuu wondered if people were curious about how Ami would turn back, then realizing that part had not been shown yet she and Mew began "wondering" just how it would turn out.
  • They showed an unused scene from Act 24 where an injured Nephrite limped through the Dark Kingdom as Dark Mercury watched silently.
  • They showed the clip where Makoto punched Tuxedo Mask, and Miyuu asked if Mew actually hit Jyoji Shibue. Mew at first teased Miyuu by claiming that she had, but then admitted she had not, though it was hard to make it look like she had. She talked about discussing it with the cameraman and practicing on one of the women in the makeup department.
  • Miyuu said that Jun Masuo was the first of the male cast members that she met, and she thought that he was very polite. Miyuu thought that "Nephy" seemed like an older brother; since he came in after Jadeite he had seemed more mature, but she later realized he was very boyish. The girls said that Yoshito Endou was very different without his wig on, and at first they mistook him for Miyuu's manager. Mew wondered if they dressed Miyuu's manager up in white, would he look like Zoisite? Miyuu said that "Kun-Kun" would talk to everyone between takes and about topics they would be interested in, so they could tell he was trying to please them. She thought that he was very mature.
  • When asked which character they would most want to be, both of the girls first picked Rei. Miyuu pointed out that Ami got to be two characters in one so maybe she would want to choose her instead, because it would be a challenge.
  • They showed an unused scene from Act 23 where Rei tried to learn song lyrics while Usagi pestered her with fashions that she thought were cute.
  • The girls talked about the scene in Act 24 where Usagi ran away from Karaoke Crown and Makoto chased after her. Miyuu said that it was too hot to run fast, and Mew complained that Miyuu ran so fast she could not catch up to her. They showed a clip of Makoto running down the street.
  • They showed an unused scene from Act 24 where Makoto told Usagi that Rei could not come because the shrine was busy, then tried to cheer her up by offering cake. While the two girls were in the Secret Base, Motoki and Mamoru were talking in the lobby of Karaoke Crown, and as Mamoru turned to leave he heard Usagi singing "Katagoshi ni Kinsei" and paused for a moment before leaving.
  • Mew said that she had never acted before, so when she first went to film she did not know what to expect, and then the other actresses who did have experience arrived which made her nervous. After she filmed her first scene she calmed down a lot, though, because she had always thought scenes were filmed in one shot but learned that sometimes they film only one line at a time, so she did not have to worry as much about memorizing her lines. Miyuu said that Mew had once told her that she had a bad memory so she was always late learning lines. Mew replied that at the initial read-through she was always nervous because there were cameras there, so she felt like she was being spied on.
  • The girls talked about how one of the directors always wore headphones to hear the actress' voices. Miyuu said that she was told that if he did not like what he heard he would take off the headphones and throw them down, so wondered if it was true, but when she worked with him he was very nice. Mew said that only Miyuu and Chisaki Hama said that, and all the other actresses thought he was scary. They wondered if it was because he had directed the first two episodes and so Miyuu and Chisaki got to know him better than the others. Mew said that Miyuu had kept telling her that he was nice, but the first time she worked with him he got really mad at her, so she wondered if the other two were lying to her. Miyuu admitted that he could get really scary, and Mew said that she had cried a little bit.
  • In the upcoming episodes Miyuu said that Darkury would return to them, and it would be very powerful. She said another crisis would occur right after that, too.