Princess Kaguya

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This article is about the character from a Japanese legend. For the character from "Kaguya-hime no Koibito" and the Sailor Moon S movie, see Princess Snow Kaguya.

Princess Kaguya (かぐや姫) is the main character in an old Japanese legend, The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter or The Tale of Princess Kaguya. In this story, an old bamboo cutter found a baby inside a stalk of bamboo. He and his wife raised the baby and she became a beautiful young woman. The Emperor fell in love with Kaguya, but she refused, saying that she could not marry him because she was not from his country. She knew that she was from the moon and would eventually have to return to her home. On the night she was supposed to return, the Emperor tried to set guards around her home, but they were blinded by the light of the celestial beings from the moon who came to retrieve the Princess, and she was taken back to the moon.

Kaguya is referred to in the manga, anime, live-action, and musical versions of the Sailor Moon series.