Rei Saitou

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Rei Saitou

Rei Saitou (斉藤レイ), real name Reiko Saitou (斉藤礼子), born October 9, 1966, in Tochigi, Japan, was the second actress to play Setsuna Meiou/Sailor Pluto in the Sailor Moon musicals. Her first performance was in Sailor Moon S - Henshin - Super Senshi e no Michi (Kaiteiban) and her last show was Eien Densetsu (Kaiteiban) - The Final First Stage.

Rei was the second longest running Sailor Pluto.

She was a guest performer at the 2023 concert ANZA ∞ Akiko Kosaka - The Day The Future Becomes the Past -, in which Anza Ohyama and Akiko Kosaka performed both their own songs and also Sera Myu numbers, joined by other actors from the Bandai musicals.

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Rei performed as Setsuna Meiou/Sailor Pluto in the following musicals:

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