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The Robot Chicken Parody refers to segments parodying the English dub of the Sailor Moon anime in the Cartoon Network show Robot Chicken.

"Joint Point"[edit]

The first segment was in episode 14 ("Joint Point") of the first season, which aired on June 5, 2005.

In this segment, Serena and Luna were walking down the street when the Monster-of-the-day appeared and threatened to take her energy. Serena transformed with far more fanservice than in canon, including moaning. Part way through making her introductory speech she noticed that, as a result of her transformation, the Youma now had an obvious erection. Embarrassment ensued, and they agreed to fight some other time when it was not so awkward.

In the Negaverse, the Youma was scolded for his failure by Queen Beryl, which once again gave him a large erection. Queen Beryl remedied this by a blast of electricity to the afflicted area.

Finally, Queen Beryl plotted the destruction of Sailor Moon whilst looking at a picture of her. Despite her gender, she too developed an erection, and concluded that "anime sure is weird."

"Moesha Poppins"[edit]

The second segment was in episode 50 ("Moesha Poppins") of the third season, which aired on October 21, 2007.

Part of this episode was a "where are they now" segment about girls' toys from the past, including Jem, Rainbow Brite, and Strawberry Shortcake. When asked how she made a living now, Sailor Moon replied, "I sell my used panties to old men online!"

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