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Character Information
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Name: Ryuuji Hino
Name (kanji/kana): 火野隆司
Alignment: Civilian
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Lives: Unknown
Occupation: Politician
Family: Rei Hino (daughter), Risa Hino (wife); Rei Jr (future granddaughter, "Parallel Sailor Moon" only)
Associates: Kaidou (secretary, manga only), Nishizaki (secretary, PGSM only)
Aliases: None
First Anime Appearance: N/A
First Manga Appearance: Casablanca Memory
First PGSM Appearance: Act 33 - Ami is Changing Schools?
English Name: N/A
Actors: Takeshi Masu

Ryuuji Hino was the name given to Rei's father in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon; in the other versions he was never given a name.


In the manga, he was a politician for the Democratic Liberal Party (there is a real political party in Japan called the "Liberal Democratic Party," the current ruling party at the time of the series). Rei hated him and went to live with her grandfather instead because he never came to see his wife in the hospital when she was dying. Rei would meet with him every year on her birthday in a restaurant, and he would always give her a white dress and a bouquet of casablanca lilies, which in actuality had been picked out by his secretary Kaidou.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon[edit]

In the live-action series, he was once again a busy politician who never came to visit his wife (here given the name Risa) in hospital when she was dying. He hated his daughter's special powers, and because of this he left her at the Hikawa Shrine, only meeting her once a month in order to look good for the media. His secretary in this version was called Nishizaki, who did not have a relationship with Rei.