Sagittarius Zero Star

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Sagittarius Zero Star (射手座ゼロ・スター; Iteza Zero Star) was the location that harbored the Galaxy Cauldron, the birthplace of all stars, in the Sailor Moon manga and Sailor Moon Crystal. This place existed at the center of the galaxy, Sagittarius Alpha Star, and Sailor Galaxia's castle was located there. Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon, Princess Kakyuu, and the Sailor Starlights began their journey to this place in Act 55 and Sailor Moon Cosmos to confront Sailor Galaxia, but as they encountered some opposition before arriving, only Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon actually made it there.

As the location of the birthplace of all stars, this area played a key role in the manga and Crystal. All Star Seeds returned to the Galaxy Cauldron, including Sailor Crystals. It was because of this place that the Sailor Senshi could be reborn by the Lambda Power.

Sagittarius Zero Star was not mentioned in the anime.


  • Near the center of the actual Milky Way galaxy, there is a source of radio waves identified as Sagittarius A. Within the center of the galaxy is a supermassive black hole. It is possible that Naoko Takeuchi intended a connection between Sagittarius A and the supermassive black hole, and Sagittarius Zero Star and the Galaxy Cauldron, but nothing has been officially stated either way.