Sailor Artist

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Character Information
Name: Sailor Artist
Name (kanji/kana): セーラーアーティスト
Alignment: Shadow Galactica
Species: Phage
Gender: Male
Lives: N/A
Occupation: Phage created by Sailor Aluminum Seiren
Family: Rei Hino (cousin)
Associates: Sailor Aluminum Seiren
Aliases: Kengo Ibuki
First Anime Appearance: The Scream of Dead Souls? Terror of a Monster at Camp
First Manga Appearance: N/A
First PGSM Appearance: N/A
English Name: N/A
Actors: Tomohisa Asou

Sailor Artist was a Phage created when Sailor Aluminum Seiren removed Kengo Ibuki's Star Seed. When Kengo's Star Seed turned black, he became a Phage based on his skill as a ceramic artist. He looked like a humanoid lump of clay with red eyes and a fanged mouth.

Sailor Artist usually attacked with a large sledgehammer, but he could also form clay pots out of his stomach and hurl them at his target.


  • Sailor Artist's name as a Phage was never given in the anime, so fans have referred to him by the phrase he constantly yelled while in Phage form, "shippai sakuda" (失敗作だ), which means "it's a failed work."