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Video Game Information
International title screen
Name (original): JP 美少女戦士セーラームーン
WW Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
Name (romanized): Bishoujo Senshi Seeraa Muun
Name (translated): Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
System: Arcade
Publisher: Banpresto
Release Date: 1995

Sailor Moon was a video game for arcade machines developed by Gazelle and released internationally in 1995 by Banpresto.

Naoko Takeuchi herself supervised the game, and voices for the Senshi characters were provided by the voice actors who worked on the anime.

The game exists in two versions: 95/03/22 and 95/03/22B.


First stage gameplay

In this side-scrolling beat-'em-up game, either one or two players took the part of the Inner Senshi, with the aim of beating all enemies, both regular ones and bosses. Occasionally, the Senshi can pick up items dropped by enemies that give them extra points and restores life. Crystals could also be collected (up to 5 per player) to power up each Senshi's special attacks, which can heavily damage and possibly defeat all on-screen enemies. During the most difficult moments, Tuxedo Mask would also appear, throw a rose (a bonus that could be picked up) and leave.

Youma that appeared as regular enemies were Flau, Thetis, Murido, Tesuni, Jumeau, color-swapped copies of Castor and Pollux (boss enemies in the first stage), Yasha, and Oniwabandana.


  • Azabu-Juuban - The Senshi fought against Youma in a street with town houses. Castor and Pollux were the level bosses.
  • Osa-P - The Senshi fought their way through the streets of the business quarter. Fruits Parlor Crown appeared in the background. Whey they reached the Osa-P jewellers shop, they walked inside and found Naru being strangled by Morga, disguised as Naru's mother. She transformed back into her Youma form to become the boss enemy. This stage was followed by a cutscene where Queen Beryl and Jadeite talked in her throne room.
  • Tokyo Tower - The Senshi fought through back alleys before they met the boss enemy Kyurene in a junkyard. When her health was halfway depleted, she would fly away to Tokyo Tower. The Senshi would follow her and fight her there.
  • Crystal Seminar - The Senshi fought in the halls of the Crystal Seminar cram school. Midways, they fell down into the cellar where they rescued students trapped in Shape Ray pods. Finally, they reached the computer room from episode 8 where the boss enemy Garoben had captured Umino.
  • Docks - The battle took place on the docks from episode 33. Aside from the usual Youma, the Senshi had to fight against possessed humans. Zoisite was the final boss. When his health was halfway depleted, he would escape and the stage would end.
  • Nephrite's Mansion - The Senshi went through a forest before they reached the mansion where Nephrite asked the stars for advice in the anime. However, the boss enemies were "Twin Kyulene".
  • Game Center Crown - An Ohara was holding her cat Rhett Butler when Zoisite appeared and turned the cat into Bakene. The Senshi chased Bakene through Game Center Crown (where Motoki was watching) and a supermarket, before the battle concluded in the streets. When Bakene was defeated, he would turn back into Rhett Butler and re-unite with his owner.
  • D Point - The Senshi fought at the North Pole. Halfway through the stage, Zoisite and Kunzite appeared as mini-bosses in the tunnel from episode 44. Queen Beryl was the final boss and had to be fought in her throne room. There was no final cutscene when the game was won, just the credits.


  • Sprites of the Sailor Senshi performing their special attacks could be found inside the game's files, as well as sprites for Sailor V, but they were never actually implemented in the final game. There were also unfinished sprites for a cutscene that would have taken place after clearing the final stage of the game; from what can be made out of them, Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask leaned in for a kiss but were interrupted by Sailor Mars, with shots of the other Senshi. Sailor Moon became upset, but her anger disappeared as she realized she could not defeat Queen Beryl without them. This was followed by the credits sequence.
  • Jadeite was originally intended to be talking to Kyurene through the screens at the trash dump at the end of the third stage, before the boss battle occurred.
  • The boss for the fifth stage was originally meant to be Zoisite disguised as Sailor V, and the sixth Nephrite.
  • The seventh stage began in front of the Austrian embassy located in Azabu. The depiction in the game was nearly identical to the real-world building.