Sailor Moon SuperS Special Musical Show

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Musical Information

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Name (kanji/kana): 美少女戦士セーラームーンスーパーズ スペシャルミュージカルショー
Name (romaji): Bishoujo Senshi Seeraa Muun Suupaazu Supesharu Myuujikaru Shou
Name (translated): Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon SuperS Special Musical Show
First Performance: April 27, 1996
Last Performance: June 9, 1996
Number of Performances: 64 (206-269)
Stage: First
Previous Musical: Sailor Moon SuperS - (Kaiteiban) Yume Senshi - Ai - Eien ni... Saturn Fukkatsu Hen
Next Musical: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

Sailor Moon SuperS Special Musical Show was a musical performance which took place at the Hokkaido Greenland Amusement Park in Iwamizawa. Very little is known about this musical because it was never released on video, although there are amateur videos on the internet which purport to be of a performance of this show.

According to that fan-posted footage and the official cast list, the storyline was similar to the previous two musicals, Sailor Moon SuperS - Yume Senshi - Ai - Eien ni... and its revision, which were also based on the SuperS season of the anime and Dream arc of the manga.

Musical Numbers[edit]

  1. Mori de Tanoshiku
  2. Fukkatsu! Crisis Yurusumaji
  3. Sailor War '94
  4. Dead Moon no Kuroi Yume
  5. Ii Ko wa Yameta
  6. Solar Miracle, Make Up
  7. Omoidashite Anata wo
  8. La Moon
  9. La Soldier

Service Numbers[edit]

  1. Moonlight Densetsu



  • According to the videos of the musical, the members of the Dead Moon referred to themselves as the "Neo Dead Moon," and often prepended their names with "Neo" as well (as in "Neo Hawk's Eye" or "Neo Zirconia").