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Original Albanian logo

Sailor Moon in Albania refers to the unlicensed Albanian dub of the Sailor Moon anime which was broadcast in Albania. The Albanian title of the series was Luftëtarja e Hënës (Moon Warrior).


Translation and Channels[edit]

New Albanian logo

The first, second, and fourth seasons of the anime were dubbed by the studio "Jess" Discographic, and were first shown in Albania on Bang Bang in 2005. It followed the first English dub, so all cuts and changes made by DiC and Cloverway were present in the Albanian dub as well.

Bang Bang started re-airing the series on August 23, 2017, with episodes shown from Monday to Friday. Episodes 80-89 and 152-159 were severely damaged, so they were later redubbed by the same studio with a completely new cast. The channel also aired Sailor Moon S, Sailor Stars, and the three movies, using same cast from the redub of R and SuperS. The scripts of those episodes and of the movies were adapted from the Italian dub, so all the name changes and censorship from the Italian dub were present.

The first season and Sailor Moon R were named "Luftëtarja e Hënës," S was "Luftëtarja e Hënës S," SuperS was "Super Luftëtarja e Hënës" in the original dub and "Luftëtarja e Hënës SuperS" in the new dub, and Stars was called "Seilor Star" in episodes 167-176 and "Seilor Stars" in episodes 177-200. Likewise, the movies were given localized names as well: the Sailor Moon R movie was called "Luftëtarja e Hënës Filmi - R: Premtimi i Trëndafilit" (Promise of the Rose), the Sailor Moon S movie was "Luftëtarja e Hënës S Filmi: Princesha e dëborës së Hënës" (The Snow Princess of the Moon), and the Sailor Moon SuperS movie was "Luftëtarja e Hënës SuperS Filmi: Misteri i ëndrrave" (The Mystery of dreams).

From February 27 through July 11 of 2019, two episodes were broadcast on weekdays twice per day, once in the afternoon and once in the evening.

Censorship and Changes[edit]

There were very few changes unique to the Albanian dub, aside from those carried over from the English and Italian versions. All music was left untouched in the original, and in the redub most insert songs were subtitled.

  • As is common in Albania, the Albanian dub was made without purchasing the rights from TOEI or another studio. Music was re-used in order to cover the parts where the characters were speaking, and some sound effects and music were taken from other anime series.
  • The opening for the first, second, and fourth season in the original dub was essentially the one used by DiC, though it ended on the shot of the Senshi gathered in a group with the addition of the Luftëtarja e Hënës logo overlaid on top.
  • Episodes 80-89 used the Japanese opening while the rest of the episodes used the Italian opening corresponding to the respective season matched to Japanese video. The movies' openings were left intact. All openings from the redub of R and Supers, as well as S, Stars, and the movies were subtitled.
  • The endings of the original dub of the first, second, and fourth seasons were localized with Albanian credits. For the redub, they were left intact, but were partially cut in some episodes.
  • Episode title screens and eyecatches were translated and localized.


The names of the Death Busters, Shadow Galactica, and the Sailor Starlights were taken from the Italian dub with literal translations where needed.

Sailor Senshi[edit]

Original Albanian
Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon Sabrina/Luftëtarja e Hënës/Seilor Mun
Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury Emi/Luftëtarja e Merkurit/Seilor Merkuri
Rei Hino/Sailor Mars Reji/Luftëtarja e Marsit/Seilor Mars
Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter Lida/Luftëtarja e Jupiterit/Seilor Jupiter
Minako Aino/Sailor Venus Mina/Luftëtarja e Venusit/Seilor Venusi
Chibiusa/Sailor Chibi Moon Rini/Luftëtarja e vogël e Hënës/Seilor Rini
Haruka Tenou/Sailor Uranus Heles/Luftëtarja e Helesit/Luftëtarja e Uranit/Seilor Uran
Michiru Kaiou/Sailor Neptune Mylena/Luftëtarja e Mylenias/Luftëtarja e Neptunit/Seilor Neptun
Setsuna Meiou/Sailor Pluto Sylvana/Luftëtarja e Sylvanas/Luftëtarja e Plutonit/Seilor Pluton
Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn Octavia/Luftëtarja e Saturnit/Seilor Saturn
Mamoru Chiba Darian

Friends of the Senshi[edit]

Original Albanian
Luna Luna
Artemis Artemis
Diana Dajana
Naru Osaka Moli
Gurio Umino Melvin
Haruna Sakurada Haruna
Motoki Furuhata Endrju

Dark Kingdom[edit]

Original Albanian
Jadeite Xhedajd
Nephrite Neflajt
Zoisite Zoisaid
Kunzite Malakajt
Queen Beryl Mbretëresha Berëll


Original Albanian
An En
Ail Alan
Makaiju Pema

Black Moon Clan[edit]

Original Albanian
Koan Kets
Berthier Bërdi
Calaveras Ejvëri
Petz Prizma
Rubeus Rubioz
Esmeraude Esmeralda
Saphir Safai
Prince Demande Princ Diamanti
Black Lady Zonjusha e zezë

Death Busters[edit]

Original Albanian
Witches 5 5 Shtrigat

Dead Moon Circus[edit]

Original Albanian
Hawk's Eye Sy skifteri
Fisheye Sy peshku
Tiger's Eye Sy tigri
Zirconia Zirkonia
VesVes Bisu-bisu
JunJun Zhun-zhun
CereCere Cela-cela/Sela-sela
PallaPalla Para-para
Queen Nehellenia Nehelenia

Voice Actors[edit]

Sailor Senshi[edit]

Character Old Dub Cast New Dub Cast
Sabrina Manjola Merlika Anisa Dervishi (R - Stars, SuperS movie)
Cubi Metka (R and S movies)
Emi Jessica Kasemi Jessica Kasemi (R-S)
Ejona Torba (SuperS - Stars)
Laura Nezha (movies)
Reji Nigela Ruka Nigela Ruka
Lida Desantila Kristo Suela Xhonuzi
Mina Nigda Dako Eneida Rabdishta
Rini Gerona Karabashi Gerona Karabashi
Dariani Indrit Çobani Genti Deçka
Luna Jetmira Dusha Aida Gërmenji
Artemis Gëzim Rudi Gëzim Rudi

Minor Characters[edit]

Character Old Dub Cast New Dub Cast
Molli Anisa Dervishi N/A
Melvin Ledio Toppali N/A
Haruna Andeta Radi N/A
Endrju Erion Hinaj N/A

Dark Kingdom[edit]

Character Voice Actor
Xhedajd Bled Naska
Neflajt Dritan Boriçi
Zoisaid Valbona Imami
Melekait Hervin Çuli
Mbretëresha Aneta Malaj


Character Voice Actor
En Andia Xhunga
Alan Dritan Sejamini
Pema Rozi Prendi

Transformations and Attacks[edit]

Sailor Moon[edit]

Original Albanian Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up Fuqia e Kristalit të Hënës!
Hënë Prism Fuqi! (episode 22)
Moon Crystal Power!
Moon Prism Power!
Moon Crystal Power, Make Up Fuqia e Kristalit të Hënës(, eja tek unë)!
Fuqia e Kristalit të argjend, eja tek unë! (R movie)
Moon Crystal Power(, come to me)!
Silver Crystal Power, come to me!
Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up Fuqia e Kristalit të zemrës, eja tek unë!
Fuqia e Kristalit të zemrës, vepro tani! (episode 91)
Heart Crystal Power, come to me!
Heart Crystal Power, act now!
Crisis, Make Up Fuqia Supreme, eja tek unë! Supreme Power, come to me!
Moon Crisis, Make Up Veprimi i enderrave kozmike!
Veprimi i ëndrrave të fuqisë kozmike!
Fuqia kozmike e ëndrrave të Hënës!
Super fuqia supreme, na transformo!
Powerful Dream Action!
Cosmic Power Dreams Action!
Moon Dreams Cosmic Power!
Super Supreme Power, transform us!
Moon Eternal, Make Up Fuqia e Përjetshme e Petaleve të Yjeve, me transformo! Eternal Power of the Petals of Stars, transform me!
Moon Tiara Action Magjia e Diademës së Hënës! Moon Diadem Magic!
Moon Healing Escalation Fuqia kozmike e Hënës! Moon Cosmic Power!
Moon Princess Halation Bastuni (magjik) i Hënës!
Fuqia e Drejtësisë së Hënës! Vepro tani!
(Magic) Moon Stick!
Moon Rightness Power! Act now!
Moon Crystal Power Fuqia e Shndritshme e Kristalit të Hënës, eja tek unë! Shining Power of the Moon Crystal, come to me!
Moon Spiral Heart Attack Spiralja e Zemrës së Hënës, sulmo!
Vorbull e zemrës së Hënës, vepro!
Vorbull e zemrës së Hënës, sulmo!
Moon Heart Spiral, Attack!
Moon Heart Vortex, Act!
Moon Heart Vortex, Attack!
Rainbow Moon Heartache Ylberi madhonor, aksion! Grand Rainbow, action!
Moon Gorgeous Meditation Super objektiv i Hënës! (episode 130)
Meditimi Kurajos i Kristalit te Henes!
Skeptri i Super Seilor Mun! Vepro tani!
Super Moon Target!
Courageous Meditation of the Moon Crystal!
Super Sailor Moon Scepter! Act now!
Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss Drita e Petalit të Yjeve, vepro tani! Star Petal Light, act now!

Sailor Mercury[edit]

Original Albanian Translation
Mercury Power, Make Up Fuqia e Merkurit! Mercury Power!
Mercury Star Power, Make Up Fuqia e yllit të Merkurit!
Fuqia e yllit të Merkurit, eja tek unë!
Mercury Star Power!
Mercury Star Power, come to me!
Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up Fuqia e Kristalit të Merkurit!
Fuqia e Merkurit, me transformo!
Mercury Crystal Power!
Mercury Power, transform me!
Sabão Spray Flluskat e Merkurit... shpërtheni! Mercury Bubbles... blast!
Shine Aqua Illusion Uji i iluzionit te Mërkurit, Shpërthe! Mercury Water Illusion! Smash!
Mercury Aqua Rhapsody (Merkur!) Rapsodi i Ujit të Merkurit!
Rapsodia e Merkurit, vepro tani!
(Mercury!) Water Rhapsody of Mercury!
Mercury Rhapsody, act now!

Sailor Mars[edit]

Original Albanian Translation
Mars Power, Make Up Fuqia e Marsit! Mars Power!
Mars Star Power, Make Up Fuqia e yllit të Marsit!
Fuqia e yllit të Marsit, eja tek unë!
Mars (Star) Power!
Mars Star Power, come to me!
Mars Crystal Power, Make Up Fuqia e Kristalit të Marsit!
Fuqia e Marsit, me transformo!
Mars Crystal Power!
Mars Power, transform me!
Fire Soul [many versions, all starting with] Zjarri i Marsit... Mars Fire...
Fire Soul Bird Zjarri Magjik i Marsit, godit!
Zogu i Zjarrit të Marsit, godit! (episode 59)
Magic Fire of Mars, hit!
Mars Firebird, hit!
Burning Mandala Fuqia e zjarrit të Marsit! Shpërthe!
Zjarri qiellor i Marsit, godit!
Rrathët e Zjarrit, veproni! (R Movie)
Mars Fire Power! Smash!
Celestial Fire of Mars, hit!
Fire Circles, act!
Mars Flame Sniper Mars! Shigjeta e Zjarrit të Marsit!
Shigjeta e Marsit, vepro!
Flaka e Marsit, gjuaj!
Mars! Fiery Arrow of Mars!
Mars Arrow, attack!
Mars Flame, hit!

Sailor Jupiter[edit]

Original Albanian Translation
Jupiter Power, Make Up Fuqia e Jupiterit! Jupiter Power!
Jupiter Star Power, Make Up Fuqia e yllit të Jupiterit!
Fuqia e yllit të Jupiterit, eja tek unë!
Jupiter Star Power!
Jupiter Star Power, come to me!
Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up Fuqia e Kristalit të Jupiterit!
Fuqia e Jupiterit, më transformo!
By the Power of the Jupiter Crystal!
Jupiter Power, transform me!
Supreme Thunder Vetëtima e Jupiterit! Gjuaj!
Rrufeja e Jupiterit! Godit!
Jupiter Thunder! Shoot!
Jupiter Lightning! Hit!
Sparkling Wide Pressure Rrufeja e Jupiterit! Gjuaj!
Fuqia e vetëtimtë, aksion!
Jupiter Lightning! Shoot!
Thunder power, action!
Jupiter Oak Evolution Jupiter! Evolucioni i Jupiterit!
Revolucioni i lisit të Jupiterit!
Shkatrimi i Jupiterit, vepro tani!
Jupiter! Evolution of Jupiter!
Jupiter Oak Revolution!
Destruction of Jupiter, act now!

Sailor Venus[edit]

Original Portuguese Translation
Venus Power, Make Up Fuqia e Venusit! Venus Power!
Venus Star Power, Make Up Fuqia e yllit të Venusit!
Fuqia e yllit të Venusit, eja tek unë!
Venus Star Power!
Venus Star Power, come to me!
Venus Crystal Power, Make Up Fuqia e Kristalit të Venusit!
Fuqia e Venusit, me transformo!
Venus Crystal Power!
Venus Power, transform me!
Crescent Beam
Crescent Beam Shower
Rrezja e Venusit! Godit! Venus Ray! Hit!
Venus Love-Me Chain Zinxhiri i dashurisë së Venusit!
Zinxhiri i dashurisë së Venusit, aksion!
Zinxhiri i dashurisë së Venusit, sulmo!
Venus Love Chain!
Venus Love Chain, action!
Venus Love Chain, attack!
Venus Love and Beauty Shock Zinxhiri i dashurisë së Venusit!
Zinxhiri i dashurisë së Venusit, vepro tani!
Dashuria dhe bukuria e Venusit, godit!
Venus Love Chain!
Venus Love Chain, act now!
Love and Beauty of Venus, hit!

Sailor Chibi Moon[edit]

Original Albanian Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up Fuqia e Prizmit të Hënës! Eja tek unë!
Fuqia e Kristalit të Hënës! (SuperS)
Moon Prism Power! Come to me!
Moon Crystal Power!
Moon Crisis, Make Up Veprimi i ëndrravë të fuqishme!
Super Fuqia Supreme, na transformo!
Powerful Dream Action!
Super Supreme Power, transform us!
Pink Sugar Heart Attack Zemra të vogla rozë! Sulmoni e veproni! Small pink hearts! Attack and take action!
Twinkle Yell Te lutem, Pegasus! Mbrojtësi i ëndrrave! Zilja ime e bukur! Please, Pegasus! Guardian of dreams! My beautiful yell!

Sailor Uranus[edit]

Original Albanian Translation
Uranus Planet Power, Make Up Fuqia e Uranit, eja tek unë! Uranus Power, come to me!
World Shaking Bomba e Uranit!
Bomba e Uranit, zjarr!
Bomba e Uranit, vepro tani!
Uranus Bomb!
Uranus Bomb, fire!
Uranus Bomb, act now!

Sailor Neptune[edit]

Original Albanian Translation
Neptune Planet Power, Make Up Fuqia e Neptunit, eja tek unë! Neptune Power, come to me!
Deep Submerge Vorbulla e Neptunit, aksion! Neptune Vortex, action!

Sailor Pluto[edit]

Original Albanian Translation
Pluto Planet Power, Make Up Fuqia e Plutonit, eja tek unë! Pluto Power, come to me!
Dead Scream Meteoriti i Plutonit! Pluto Meteor!


An Albanian dub of Sailor Moon Crystal started airing on June 20, 2016 on Bang Bang under the name "Luftëtarja e Hënës: Kristali i Rojtareve të Planeteve" (Moon Warrior: Crystal of the Planet Guardians). Only the first two seasons were dubbed and aired. The cast was the same as in the redub of the first anime series.

Bang Bang later re-aired the series from September 24 through October 10, 2019. Two episodes were broadcast twice a day on weekdays, once in the afternoon and once in the evening. Bang Bang's sister channel, Çufo, started broadcasting the series again beginning on June 25, 2022, with two episodes aired on weekends twice a day, once in the afternoon and once in the evening.

Tip TV, a channel available on the Albanian media platform Tring, aired the English-dubbed versions of the two Sailor Moon Eternal films with Albanian subtitles. The first installment premiered on July 30, 2023, followed by the second on July 31, 2023. Subsequently, these films were made available on the Tring OTT platform. They were broadcast under the titles "Luftëtarja Legjendare Sailor Moon - Pjesa 1" (Legendary Warrior Sailor Moon - Part 1) and "Luftëtarja Legjendare Sailor Moon - Pjesa 2" (Legendary Warrior Sailor Moon - Part 2).

Censorship and Changes[edit]

  • Many of the name changes from the original series were retained.
  • The dub used the creditless opening. The original logo was covered up with a localized logo animation on a solid background, and the opening song was subtitled in Albanian.
  • The episode title cards, both in the beginning and in the next-episode preview, were translated and used the term "Episodi" (episode) instead of the original "Act."
  • The dub kept the eyecatches as well as the end card, but localized both with the same Albanian logo that was seen in the opening.