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Greek TV logo of the ANT1 dub

Sailor Moon in Greece refers to the Greek language dub of Sailor Moon which aired in Greece beginning in 1995 under the name σέιλορμουν (Sailormoon). Greece was one of the first countries in the world to air a foreign-language dub of the anime on television.


Translation and Channels[edit]

The first Greek dub was produced by the studio Cine-TV-Video Productions, later called SPK Video Film Television. The scripts were based on the German dub. They were directed and adapted by Dimitra Dimitriadou and translated by Nikoletta Samoili; audio mixing was done by Costas Skiadas and John Vlaxos.

The anime aired on the channel ANT1, and became very popular among young viewers and teenagers. The first episode aired September 5, 1995, and continued up to episode 33; the first 33 episodes then ran again before episodes 34 through 46 aired.

Two episodes were broadcast every week, on Saturday and Sunday. The episodes were aired during the morning hours, initially showing at 10:00 a.m. before moving to 9:30 a.m., then to 9:00 a.m. for episodes 197 to 200. Each episode lasted for about twenty minutes, eliminating the eyecatches from most of the episodes, but adding commercial breaks between scenes that faded in and out.The final episode was broadcast on June 28, 1998. Reruns started showing at 7:30 a.m. on April 3, 1999. After repeating the last three seasons, ANT1 aired Sailor Moon for the last time on June 17, 2000. There were some changes and censorship, but overall the dub stayed very close to the original Japanese version.

In late 2002 the show was licensed again and dubbed by Audio Visual, this time for broadcast on Star Channel. The dubbing director for this dub was Sofia Panailidou. The show was re-dubbed with a completely new cast of voice actors and aired at different hours. Star Channel broadcast one episode every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:30 a.m. and sometimes at 8:30 a.m. This broadcast kept the episode run time to 20 minutes, and the script was more or less the same as the one used for the ANT1 dub. Since it was a completely new dub it drew more attention, but many fans criticized the fact that old mistakes were not fixed in the script, the quality of the voice acting, and the broadcast times. The second dub ended with episode 88 in late 2003.

After that, Star Channel started re-broadcasting the show from the beginning up to episode 86, though some episodes were replayed. The hours and dates of broadcast also changed several times during this period. This repeated many times, until episode 88 aired for the last time on Monday, June 20, 2006.

Censorship and Changes[edit]

Fans praised the ANT1 Greek dub for its cast and dubbing direction, though since there were only a few voice actors many of the characters had similar voices, and the casting changed even within the same episode. Bunny was one of the few characters to have consistent voice direction. All of the villains had echo and pitch change effects applied to their voices, which could make them difficult to understand.

Also, due to a translation mistake, Sailor Mercury was called "Sailor Kronos" (the name for Sailor Saturn) for the first three seasons; the only exception was in episode 122, where she was called Mercury. Even after the talk about the Messiah of Silence, who was actually Sailor Saturn herself, there were a few occasions where Mercury was still called "Kronos." Later, in SuperS, Sailor Jupiter was called Sailor Saturn.

Zoisite remained male, even though he had a female voice in episodes 33, 34, and 35, but he and Kunzite were depicted as close friends. Fisheye became female, but the moment where "he" showed his chest was kept, and episode 140 remained uncensored. Zirconia became male. Artemis was female in the first episodes, but later was male. The Three Lights had male voices that turned into female voices after they transformed into the Sailor Starlights. Haruka and Michiru were changed to be middle school students, and they were depicted as close friends, similar to Zoisite and Kunzite.

The Star Channel dub had a larger cast than its predecessor, but the voice direction was considered to be poor by fans. The voice alterations for the villains were removed, though the translation and dialogue issues persisted, likely because both dubs were translated by the same person.

The ANT1 dub kept the original opening but with a different logo. The opening and ending theme songs were replaced by an instrumental version of "Moonlight Densetsu" in the first episodes, then a translated version called "Είμαι εγώ η Sailor Moon" ("I am Sailor Moon") was used in all subsequent episodes. None of the other theme songs were ever translated or used. For the first season and the first few episodes of Sailor Moon R, the opening animation was the same as the original first version of the opening. The first and second versions of the original R season opening animation were used for the rest of the Greek-dubbed R season, and the third version of the original S season opening was used in the third season until episode 101. All later episodes used the second version of the R season opening.

Most insert songs were removed; the original songs remained in episodes 161, 188, and 200; in episodes 7, "Moonlight Densetsu" was replaced with a traditional song performed by the voice actresses for Usagi and Naru; and in episode 114, Mimete sang a translated version of "I am Sailor Moon."

The Star Channel dub kept the original openings, although from episode 10 until the end, the original song was replaced by an instrumental version. The ending sequences were always accompanied by instrumental versions of the ending songs. There were no other changes that were different from the ANT1 dub, except that Zoisite was always dubbed by a male voice actor.

The first 127 episodes all included the episode previews, which appeared after the intro in both Greek dubs. After that point, episodes 134, 139, 142, 184, 188, 192, 193, 194, and 195 were the only episodes from season 4 or season 5 that had previews.

Episode 89 was never dubbed nor shown in Greece.

Character Names[edit]

Original Greek
Usagi Tsukino Bunny Tsukino (Μπάνι Τσουκίνο)
Rei Hino Rei Kino (Ρέι Κίνο)
Michiru Kaiou Misirou Kaiou (Μισίρου Κάιου)
Tuxedo Mask Maskoforos (Μασκοφόρος; Masked Man) (ANT1 dub)
Agori me ti maska (Αγόρι με τη μάσκα; Boy with mask) (Star Channel dub)
Moonlight Knight Ippotis tu Feggarofotos (Ιππότης του Φεγγαρόφωτος; Moonlight Knight)
Luna Feggaro (Φεγγάρω) (ANT1 dub, first few episodes only)
Luna (Λούνα) (ANT1 dub, later episodes)
Feggarenia (Φεγγαρένια) (Star Channel dub)
Sailor Mercury Sailor Kronos (Σέιλορ Κρόνος) (first season and R)
Sailor Ermis (Σείλορ Ερμής) (S, SuperS, and Stars)
Sailor Mars Sailor Aris (Σέιλορ Άρης)
Sailor Jupiter Sailor Dhias (Σέιλορ Δίας)
Sailor Kronos (Σέιλορ Κρόνος) (SuperS)
Sailor Venus Sailor Aphroditi (Σέιλορ Αφροδίτη)
Sailor Pluto Sailor Ploútonas (Σέιλορ Πλούτωνας)
Sailor Uranus Sailor Uranos (Σέιλορ Ουρανός)
Sailor Neptune Sailor Posidοnas (Σέιλορ Ποσειδώνας)
Sailor Neptune (Σέιλορ Νέπτιουν)
Sailor Saturn Sailor Kronos (Σέιλορ Κρόνος)
Sailor Star Fighter Sailor Star Fighter (Σέιλορ Σταρ Φάιτερ)
Sailor Mahitis (Σέιλορ Μαχητής)
Sailor Star Healer Sailor Star Healer (Σέιλορ Σταρ Χίλερ)
Sailor Therapeftis (Σέιλορ Θεραπευτής)
Sailor Star Maker Sailor Star Maker (Σέιλορ Σταρ Μέικερ)
Sailor Dimiuryos (Σέιλορ Δημιουργός)
Zoisite Zousite (Ζουσάιτ)
Nephrite Nephlitis (Νεφλίτης)
Kunzite Kantsait (Καντσάιτ)
Jadeite Jedite (Τζεντάιτ)
Tiger's Eye Tiger's Eye (Τάιγκερς Άι)
Fisheye Fisheye (Φις Άι)
Hawk's Eye Hawk's Eye (Χοκς Άι)
Ail Ale (Άλε)
An An (Αν)
Rubeus Rubeas (Ρουμπέας)
Koan Kermesite (Κερμισάιτ)
Berthier Berthierite (Μπερθιεράιτ)
Calaveras Calaverite (Καλαβεράιτ)
Petz Petzite (Πεντζάιτ)
Wiseman Sofos (Σοφός)
Professor Souichi Tomoe Kathigitis Soitsi Tomoe (Καθηγητής Σοϊτσι Τομόε)
Kaolinite Kaorinite/Kaori (Καορινάιτ/Καόρη)
Eudial Eufelia (Ευγελία)
Sailor Iron Mouse Sailor Sitherenio Pontiki (Σέιλορ Σιδερένιο Ποντίκι)
Sailor Aluminum Seiren Sailor Aloumina Seren/Siren (Σέιλορ Αλουμινά Σερεν/Σερέν)
Sailor Lead Crow Sailor Lend Klo/Crow (Σέιλορ Λέντ Kλο/Κλο)
Sailor Tin Nyanko Sailor Tinianko/Nyanko (Σέιλορ Τινιάνκο/Νιάνκο)

Voice Actors[edit]

ANT1 dub[edit]

In the Greek dub, multiple actors often portrayed the same character, sometimes even changing in the same episode. The following is the voice cast from the ANT1 dub.

Actor Character
Matina Karra (Ματίνα Καρρά) Bunny Tsukino/Sailor Moon
Makoto Kino/Sailor Dias (S - Stars)
Minako Aino/Sailor Aphroditi (S - Stars)
Artemis (S - Stars)
other female roles
Maria Bonikou (Μαρία Μπονίκου) Ami Mizuno/Sailor Kronos (Ermis)
Makoto Kino/Sailor Dias (S - Stars)
Minako Aino/Sailor Aphroditi (S - Stars)
Artemis (S - Stars)
Haruna Sakurada
Gurio Umino
child roles
Rania Ioannidou (Ράνια Ιωαννίδου) Makoto Kino/Sailor Dias (first two seasons)
Minako Aino/Sailor Aphroditi (first two seasons)
Artemis (first two seasons)
Maria Plakidi (Μαρία Πλακίδη) Rei Hino/Sailor Aris
Makoto Kino/Sailor Dias (S - Stars)
Minako Aino/Sailor Aphroditi (S - Stars)
Artemis (S - Stars)
other female roles
Vina Papadopoulou (Βίνα Παπαδοπούλου) Queen Beryl
Gurio Umino
Haruna Sakurada
Ikuko Tsukino (most episodes)
Manos Venieris (Μάνος Βενιέρης) Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask
Artemis (Stars)
minor male roles
Giorgos Mazis (Γιώργος Μάζης) Jadeite
Giannis Papaioannou (Γιάννης Παπαϊωάννου) minor male roles (SuperS)

STAR dub[edit]

Actor Character
Iro Loupi (Υρώ Λούπη) Bunny Tsukino/Sailor Moon
Sailor Pluto
Voula Kosta (Βούλα Κώστα) Ami Mizuno/Sailor Kronos (Ermis)
Haruna Sakurada
Umino Gurio
Shingo Tsukino
Katerina Gkirgis (Κατερίνα Γκίργκις) Rei Hino/Sailor Aris
Queen Metalia
Ikuko Tsukino
Sofia Kapsabeli (Σοφία Καψαμπέλη) Makoto/Sailor Dias
Minako/Sailor Aphroditi
Queen Serenity
Chibi-Usa/Black Lady
Petros Damoulis (Πέτρος Δαμούλης) Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask
Ryo Urawa (episode 27)
Loucas Frangoulis (Λουκάς Φραγκούλης) Kenji Tsukino
Motoki Furuhata
Ryo Urawa (episode 41)
Yuuichirou Kumada

Transformations and Attacks[edit]

Sailor Moon[edit]
Original Greek Transliteration Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up Δύναμη του Φεγγαριού, μεταμόρφωσε με!
Δύναμη τoυ Φεγγαριού, έλα σε 'μενα! (episode 1; Star Channel)
Δύναμη του Φεγγαριού, άλλαξε με! (Star Channel)
Δύναμη του Φεγγαριού, μεταμόρφωσε μας! (episode 21)
Dýnami tou Fengarioú, metamórfose me!
Dýnami tou Fengarioú, éla se 'mena!
Dýnami tou Fengarioú, állaxe me!
Dynami you Feggarioú, metamórfose mas!
Moon Power, Transform me!
Moon Power, come to me!
Moon Power, Change me!
Moon Power, Transform us!
Moon Crystal Power, Make Up Κρύσταλλε του Φεγγαριού, μεταμορφωσέ με! (episode 51)
Δύναμη του φεγγαριού, μεταμόρφωσε με!
Krýstalle tou Fengarioú, metamorfosé me!
Dýnami tou fengarioú, metamórfose me!
Moon Crystal, transform me!
Moon Power, Transform me!
Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up Κοσμική Δύναμη του Φεγγαριού, μεταμόρφωσε με!
Δύναμη του Φεγγαριού, Μεταμόρφωσε με!
Kosmikí Dýnami tou Fengarioú, metamórfose me!
Dýnami tou Fengarioú, Metamórfose me!
Moon Cosmic Power, Transform me!
Moon Power, Transform me!
Crisis, Make Up Κρίση, μεταμόρφωσε με! (episode 112)
Η κρίση να αποκατασταθεί!
Να περάσει η κρίση!
Πέρασε η Κρίση πια, Ουράνιο Τόξο, εξουδετέρωσέ την! (episode 117)
Krísi, metamórfose me!
I krísi na apokatastatheí!
Na perásei i krísi!
Pérase i krísi pia, ouránio tókso, eksoudeterose tin!
Crisis, Transform me!
Crisis, Restore (me)!
Passing the Crisis!
The Crisis has passed, rainbow, free her!
Moon Crisis, Make Up Με τη Δύναμη του Φεγγαριού!
Με τη βοήθεια του Φεγγαριού!
Δύναμη του φεγγαριού, Μεταμόρφωσε!
Φεγγάρι των ονείρων (episode 130)
Me ti Dýnami tou Fengarioú!
Me ti voítheia tou Fengarioú!
Dýnami tou fengarioú, Metamórfose!
Feggári ton oneíron
With the Moon Power!
With the Help of the Moon!
Moon Power, Transform me!
Moon of Dreams
Moon Eternal, Make Up Με την αιώνια δύναμη του Φεγγαριού!
Δύναμη του Φεγγαριού, μεταμόρφωσε με!
Με τη δύναμη του Φεγγαριού!
Me tin aiónia dýnami tou Fengarioú!
Dýnami tou Fengarioú, metamórfose me!
Me ti dýnami tou Fengarioú!
By the Moon Eternal Power!
Moon Power, Transform me!
With the Moon Power!
Moon Tiara Action Τιάρα του Φεγγαριού, δράση/δράσε!
Τιάρα, δράση!
Τιάρα του Φεγγαριού, εμπρός! (episode 2)
Φεγγαρόλουστη δράση! (episode 114)
Με τη δύναμη της τιάρας του Φεγγαριού! (episode 163)
Tiára tou Fengarioú, drási!
Tiára, drási!
Tiára you Feggarioú, emprós!
Fengarólousti drási!
Me ti dýnami tis tiáras tou Fengarioú!
Moon Tiara, Action!
Tiara, Action!
Moon Tiara, Forward!
Moonlit action!
By the Moon Tiara Power!
Moon Tiara Stardust Τιάρα του Φεγγαριού, ρίξε Αστρική Σκόνη! Tiára tou Fengarioú, ríxe Astrikí Skóni! Moon Tiara, Throw Stardust!
Moon Healing Escalation Δύναμη του Φεγγαριού, Θεράπευσέ τον/τη(ν)! Dýnami tou Fengarioú, Therápefsé ton/ti(n)! Moon Power, Heal him/her!
Moon Princess Halation Πριγκίπισσα του Φεγγαριού, εξαφάνισε(τη)! (Makaiju Arc)
Δύναμη του Φεγγαριού, εξαφάνισε(την)! (Black Moon Arc)
Prinkípissa tou Fengarioú, exafánise(ti)!
Dýnami tou Feggarioú, exafánise(tin)!
Moon Princess, Eliminate(her)!
Moon Power, eliminate(her)!
Moon Spiral Heart Attack (Εμπρός,) Καρδιά του Φεγγαριού, επίθεση!
Λάμψη του Φεγγαριού, επίθεση! (episode 127)
Επίθεση, καρδιάς του Φεγγαριού! (episode 130)
(Emprós,) Kardiá tou Fengarioú, epíthesi!
Lámpsi you Feggarioú, epíthesi!
Epíthesi, kardiás tou Feggarioú!
(Forward,) Moon Heart, Attack!
Light of the Moon, attack
Attack of Heart of the Moon!
Rainbow Moon Heartache Καρδιά του Φεγγαριού του Ουράνιου Τόξου!
Ουράνιο Τόξο, σε καλώ τώρα!
Καρδιά του Φεγγαριού, επίθεση!
Kardiá tou Fengarioú tou Ourániou Tóxou!
Ouránio Tóxo, se kaló tóra!
Kardiá tou Fengarioú, epíthesi!
Rainbow, Moon Heart!
Rainbow, I invoke you now!
Moon Heart, Attack!
Moon Gorgeous Meditation Υπέροχος Διαλογισμός της Σελήνης! Ypérochos Dialogismós tis Selínis! Moon Gorgeous Meditation!
Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss Με τη βοήθεια του Φεγγαριού: Θεραπευτικό Φιλί!
Στάρλαϊτ Χόνιμουν Φιλί Θεραπείας! (episode 182)
Me ti voítheia tou Fengarioú: Therapeftikó Filí!
Stárlaït Chónimoun Filí Therapeías!
With the help of the Moon: Therapeutic Kiss!
Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss!
Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss Ασημένιο Φεγγάρι: Κρυστάλλινο Φιλί!
Θεραπευτικό Φιλί του Φεγγαριού!
Κρυστάλλινο Φιλί του Φεγγαριού!
Asiménio Fengári: Krystállino Filí!
Therapeftikó Filí tou Fengarioú!
Krystállino Filí tou Fengarioú!
Silver Moon: Crystal Kiss!
Moon Therapy Kiss!
Moon Crystal Kiss! (episodes 190 and 191)
Sailor Mercury[edit]
Original Greek Transliteration Translation
Mercury Power, Make Up Δύναμη του Κρόνου, μεταμόρφωσε με!
Δύναμη του φεγγαριού, άλλαξε με! (episode 8)
Δύναμη του Κρόνου, μεταμόρφωσε μας! (episodes 21 and 48)
Dýnami tou Krónou, metamórfose me!
Dýnami tou fengarioú, állaxe me!
Dynami tou Krónou, Metamórfose mas!
Saturn Power, Transform me!
Moon Power, Change Me!
Mercury Power, Transform Us!
Mercury Star Power, Make Up Δύναμη του Κρόνου, μεταμόρφωσε με!
Ισχυρό αστέρι του Ερμή! (episode 122)
Δύναμη του Αστέρα Ερμή, μεταμόρφωσε με! (episode 126)
Με τη Βοήθεια του Ερμή! (episode 138)
Dýnami tou Krónou, metamórfose me!
Ischyró astéri tou Ermí!
Dýnami tou Astéra Ermí, metamórfose me!
Me to Boíthia you Ermí!
Saturn Power, Transform me!
Mercury Powerful Star!
Mercury's Star Power, Transform me!
With the Power of Mercury!
Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up Με τη βοήθεια του Ερμή! Me ti voítheia tou Ermí! With the help of Mercury!
Sabão Spray Εμπρός, Ομίχλη ! (ANT1)
Εμπρός, Σαπούνι! (ANT1)
Εμπρός, Σπρέι Σαπουνιού! (Star Channel)
Ομίχλη, δράσε! (episode 21)
Εμπρός, Σαπουνόφουσκες (episodes 24 and 36)
Ακτίνες φωτός! (episode 123)
Emprós, Omíchli !
Emprós, Sapoúni!
Emprós, Spréi Sapounioú! (Star Channel)
Omícli, dráse!
Emprós, Sapounófouskes!
Aktínes fotós!
Forward, Mist!
Forward, Soap!
Forward, Soap Spray!
Fog, act!
Forward, Soap Bubbles
Rays of light!
Sabão Spray Freezing Εμπρός! Παγωμένο σαπούνι! Emprós! Pagoméno sapoúni! Forward! Frozen Soap!
Shine Aqua Illusion Λάμψε, Νερό των Παραισθήσεων!
Στο όραμα του λαμπερού νερού! (episode 111)
Δύναμη του λαμπερού νερού! (episode 127)
Lámpse, Neró ton Paraisthíseon!
Sto Órama tou Lamperoú Neroú
Dýnami tou Lamperoú Neroú!
Shine, Illusory Water!
In the vision of the Sparkling Water!
Power of Shining Water!
Mercury Aqua Rhapsody Νερό! Με τη βοήθεια του Νερού!
Ερμής! Με τη βοήθεια του Ερμή!
Neró! Me ti voítheia tou Neroú!
Ermís! Me ti voítheia tou Ermí!
Water! With the help of water!
Mercury! With the help of Mercury!
Sailor Mars[edit]
Original Greek Transliteration Translation
Mars Power, Make Up Δύναμη του Άρη, μεταμόρφωσε με!
Δύναμη του Άρη, μεταμόρφωσε μας! (episodes 21 and 48)
Dýnami tou Ári, metamórfose me!
Dynami tou Ári, Metamórfose mas!
Mars Power, Transform me!
Mars Power, Transform us!
Mars Star Power, Make Up (Αστρική) δύναμη του Άρη, μεταμόρφωσε με!
Δύναμη του Αστέρα Άρη, μεταμόρφωσε με! (episode 126)
(Astrikí) dýnami tou Ári, metamórfose me!
Dýnami you Astéra Ári, metamórfose me!
Mars (Star) Power, Transform me!
Mars Crystal Power, Make Up Με τη βοήθεια του Άρη! Me ti voítheia tou Ári! With the help of Mars!
Fire Soul Εμπρός, Φωτιά!
Φωτιά του Ήλιου (episode 123)
Με τη Δύναμη της Φωτιάς! (episode 139)
Emprós, Fotiá!
Fotiá tou Hliou
Me to Dýnami tis Fotiás
Forward, Fire!
Fire of Sun
With the Power of Fire!
Fire Soul Bird Εμπρός! Πουλί της φωτιάς! Emprós! Poulí tis fotiás! Forward! Firebird!
Burning Mandala Κύκλος της Φωτιάς
(Εμπρός), Φλεγόμενα δαχτυλίδια!
Εμπρός, Φωτιά!
Δύναμη της Φωτιάς, εμπρός! (episode 127)
Kýklos tis Fotiás
(Emprós), Flegómena dachtylídia!
Emprós, Fotiá!
Dýnami tis Fotiás, Emprós!
Fire Circle
Flaming Rings!
Forward, Fire!
Power of Fire, forward!
Mars Flame Sniper Άρη, με τη φωτιά
φλόγα του Άρη!
Με τη βοήθεια του Άρη!
Ári, me ti fotiá
flóga tou Ári!
Me ti voítheia tou Ári!
Mars, with the fire
Flame of Mars!
With the help of Mars!
Sailor Jupiter[edit]
Original Greek Transliteration Translation
Jupiter Power, Make Up Δύναμη του Δία, μεταμόρφωσε με!
Δύναμη του Δία, μεταμόρφωσε μας! (episode 48)
Dýnami tou Día, metamórfose me!
Dynami tou Día, Metamórfose mas!
Jupiter Power, transform me!
Jupiter Power, Transform us!
Jupiter Star Power, Make Up Αστρική δύναμη του Δία, Μεταμόρφωσε με!
Δύναμη του Αστέρα Διά, μεταμόρφωσε με! (episode 126)
Astrikí dýnami tou Día, Metamórfose me!
Dýnami tou Astéra Dia, Metamórfose me!
Jupiter Star Power, transform me!
Jupiter's Star Power, Transform me!
Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up Με τη βοήθεια του Δία!
Με τη δύναμη του Κρυστάλλου του Κρόνου!
Me ti voítheia tou Día!
Me ti dýnami tou Krystállou tou Krónou!
With the help of Jupiter!
With the power of the crystal of Saturn!
Supreme Thunder Εμπρός, Μεγάλε Κεραυνέ!
Με τη δύναμη του Κεραυνού! (episode 139)
Emprós, Megále Keravné!
Me ti Dýnami tou Keraunoú!
Forward, Great Thunder!
With the Power of Thunder!
Supreme Thunder Dragon Εμπρός! Δράκε του κεραυνού! Emprós! Dráke tou keravnoú! Forward! Thunder Dragon!
Sparkling Wide Pressure Αστραφτερή δύναμη πίεσης!
Σπινθυροβόλα Πίεση κύματος! (episode 127)
Astrafterí dýnami píesis!
Spinthyrovóla Píesi kýmatos!
Shining Pressure Power!
Sparkling Wave Pressure!
Jupiter Oak Evolution Με τη λαμπερή δύναμη του Κρόνου!
Δία! Με τη βοήθεια του Δία!
Me ti lamperí dýnami tou Krónou!
Día! Me ti voítheia tou Día!
With the brilliant power of Saturn!
Jupiter! With the help of Jupiter!
Sailor Venus[edit]
Original Greek Transliteration Translation
Venus Power, Make Up Δύναμη της Αφροδίτης, μεταμόρφωσε με!
Δύναμη της Αφροδίτης, μεταμόρφωσε μας! (episode 48)
Dýnami tis Afrodítis, metamórfose me!
Dynami tis Afrodítis, metamórfose me!
Venus Power, Transform me!
Venus Power, Transform us!
Venus Star Power, Make Up Αστρική δύναμη της Αφροδίτης, μεταμόρφωσε με!
Δύναμη του Αστέρα Αφροδίτη, μεταμόρφωσε με! (episode 126)
Astrikí dýnami tis Afrodítis, metamórfose me!
Dýnami tou Astéra Afrodítis, Metamórfose me!
Venus Star Power, Transform me!
Venus' Star Power, Transform me!
Venus Crystal Power, Make Up Με τη βοήθεια της Αφροδίτης!
Με τη δύναμη του Κρυστάλλου της Αφροδίτης!
Me ti voítheia tis Afrodítis!
Me ti dýnami tou Krystállou tis Afrodítis!
With the help of Venus!
With Venus Crystal Power!
Crescent Beam Εμπρός, Μισοφέγγαρο!
Ημισέληνος, εμπρός! (episode 33)
Emprós, Misoféngaro!
Imisélinos, emprós!
Forward, Half-moon!
Crescent, forward!
Crescent Beam Shower Εμπρός! Ακτίνα αφρού! (episode 52)
Εμπρός, ακτίνες του μισοφέγγαρου! (episode 55)
Εμπρός, μισοφέγγαρο! (episode 57)
Emprós! Aktína afroú!
Emprós, Aktínes tou misoféggarou!
Emprós, Misoféggaro!
Forward! Foam ray!
Forward, half-moon rays!
Forward, crescent!
Venus Love-Me Chain Αφροδίτη, Αλυσίδα Αγάπης!
Αλυσίδα Αγάπης της Αφροδίτης!
Αγάπη της Αφροδίτης, φτιάξε αλυσίδα! (episode 123)
Εμπρός, Μισοφέγγαρο!
Εμπρός, Αλυσίδα Αγάπης!
Εμπρός, Αλυσίδα της Αγάπης!
Afrodíti, Alysída Agápis!
Alysída Agápis tis Afrodítis!
Agápi tis Afrodítis, ftiáxe alysída!
Emprós, Misoféngaro!
Emprós, Alysída Agápis!
Emprós, Alysída tis Agápis!
Venus, Love Chain!
Love Chain of Venus!
Love of Venus, create a chain!
Forward, half-moon!
Forward, love chain!
Forward, chain of love!
Crescent Beam Barrage Ειμαι η Sailor Αφροδίτη! Ναι! Η θεά του έρωτα και της ομορφιάς! Θα δείτε την ακτινα του θυμού μου τώρα! Ετοιμαστείτε να πεθάνετε! Eimai i Sailor Afrodíti! Nai! I theá tou érota kai tis omorfiás! Tha deíte tin aktina tou thymoú mou tóra! Etoimasteíte na pethánete! I'm Sailor Venus! Yes! The goddess of love and beauty! You'll witness the ray of my anger this instant! Prepare to die!
Venus Love and Beauty Shock Με τη δύναμη και την ομορφιά της Αφροδίτης!
Αφροδίτη! Με τη δύναμη της Αφροδίτης!
Me ti dýnami kai tin omorfiá tis Afrodítis!
Afrodíti! Me ti dýnami tis Afrodítis!
With the power and beauty of Venus!
Venus! With the power of Venus!
Sailor Chibi Moon[edit]
Original Greek Transliteration Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up (Πρισματική)Δύναμη του φεγγαριού, Μεταμόρφωσε με! (Prismatikí)Dýnami tou fengarioú, Metamórfose me! Moon(Prism)Power, Transform me!
Moon Crisis, Make Up Φεγγάρι των Ονείρων (episode 130)
Με τη Δύναμη του Φεγγαριού!
Με την βοήθεια του Φεγγαριού!
Feggàri ton oneíron
Me ti Dýnami tou Fengarioú!
Me tin voítheia tou Fengarioú!
Moon of Dreams!
With the Moon Power!
With the Help of the Moon!
Pink Sugar Heart Attack Ροζ Ζαχαρενια Καρδιά, Επίθεση(Αμέσως)! Roz Zacharenia Kardiá, Epíthesi(Amésos)! Pink Sugar Heart, Attack(Immediately)!
Twinkle Yell Χτύπα, καμπάνα! Chtýpa, kampána! Ring, bell!
Sailor Uranus[edit]
Original Greek Transliteration Translation
Uranus Planet Power, Make Up Πλανητική δύναμη του Ουρανού, μεταμόρφωσε με!
(Με τη) Δύναμη του Ουρανού(, μεταμόρφωσε με!)
Δύναμη του Ποσειδώνα, μεταμόρφωσε με (episode 110)
Planitikí dýnami tou Ouranoú, metamórfose me!
(Me ti) Dýnami tou Ouranoú(, metamórfose me!)
Dýnami tou Poseidóna, Metamórfose me
Uranus Planetary Power, Transform me!
(With the) Uranus Power(, Transform me!)
Neptune Power, Transform me!
World Shaking Σεισμός Κόσμου!
Εμπρός, Σεισμός! (episode 106)
Ουρανέ, τρέμε!
Ο κόσμος τρέμει!
Παγκόσμια Δύναμη! (episode 167)
Με τη δύναμη του Ουρανού! (episodes 190 and 198)
Seismós Kósmou!
Emprós, Seismós
Ourané, tréme!
O kósmos trémei!
Pankósmia Dýnami!
Me ti dýnami tou Ouranoú!
World Earthquake!
Forward, Earthquake
Sky, shake!
The World is Shaking!
Universal Power!
With the power of Uranus!
Space Sword Blaster Ξίφος του Διαστήματος! Xífos tou Diastímatos! Space Sword!
Sailor Neptune[edit]
Original Greek Transliteration Translation
Neptune Planet Power, Make Up Πλανητική δύναμη του Ποσειδώνα, μεταμόρφωσε με!
(Με τη) Δύναμη του (Πλανήτη) Ποσειδώνα(, Μεταμόρφωσε με!)
Δύναμη του Ουρανού, μεταμόρφωσε με! (episode 110)
Planitikí dýnami tou Poseidóna, metamórfose me!
(Me ti) Dýnami tou (Planíti) Poseidóna(, Metamórfose me!)
Dýnami tou Ouranoú, Metamórfose me!
Neptune Planetary Power, Transform me!
(With the) Neptune (Planet) Power(, Transform me!)
Uranus Power, Transform me!
Deep Submerge Βαθιά Κατάδυση!
Μεγάλος Κατακλυσμός (episode 119)
Βοήθησε μας (episode 167)
Με τη δύναμη του Ποσειδώνια! (episodes 190 and 197)
Vathiá Katádysi!
Megálos Kataklysmós
Voíthise mas
Me ti dýnami tou Poseidónia!
Deep Submerge!
Great Flood
Help us
With the power of Neptune!
Submarine Reflection Με την δύναμη του Ποσειδώνα! Me tin dýnami tou Poseidóna! By the power of Neptune!
Sailor Pluto[edit]
Original Greek Transliteration Translation
Pluto Planet Power, Make Up (Με τη) Δύναμη του Πλούτωνα (, Μεταμόρφωσε με!) (Me ti) Dýnami tou Ploútona (, Metamórfose me!) (With the) Pluto Power (, Transform me!)
Dead Scream Νεκρή Κραυγή!
Μεγάλη κραυγή! (episode 119)
Να νικήσουμε (episode 167)
Ντέντ Σκρίμ! (episode 182)
Nekrí Kravgí!
Megáli kravgí!
Na nikísoume
Ntént Skrím!
Dead Scream!
Big Scream!
To win
Dead Scream!
Sailor Saturn[edit]
Original Greek Transliteration Translation
Silent Wall Τείχος του Κρόνου Teíchos tou Krónou Wall of Saturn
Sailor Star Fighter[edit]
Original Greek Transliteration Translation
Fighter Star Power, Make Up (Με την) Πολεμική δύναμη των άστρων!
Με τη δύναμη των άστρων! (episode 194)
(Me tin) Polemikí dýnami ton ástron!
Me ti dýnami ton ástron!
(With the) Fighing Power of the stars!
With the power of the stars!
Star Serious Laser Με τη δύναμη των άστρων!
Λέιζερ των άστρον, κλείσε!
Στάρ Σίριους Λέιζερ! (episode 182)
Me ti dýnami ton ástron!
Léizer ton ástron, kleíse!
Stár Sírious Léizer!
With the power of the stars!
Endowed Stars' Laser!
Star Serious Laser!
Sailor Star Healer[edit]
Original Greek Transliteration Translation
Healer Star Power, Make Up (Με τη) θεραπευτική δύναμη των άστρων! (Me ti) therapeftikí dýnami ton ástron! (With the) Healing Power of the stars!
Star Sensitive Inferno Με τη δύναμη των άστρων! Me ti dýnami ton ástron! With the power of the star!
Sailor Star Maker[edit]
Original Greek Transliteration Translation
Maker Star Power, Make Up (Με τη) Δημιουργική δύναμη των άστρων! (Me ti) Dimiourgikí dýnami ton ástron! (With the) Creative Power of the stars!
Star Gentle Uterus Με τη δύναμη τον άστρων! Me ti dýnami ton ástron! With the power of the stars!


Sailor Moon Eternal became available on Netflix with Greek subtitles on June 3, 2021. The translation was done by Maria Kachila.

The transformation and attack phrases were based on those for the previous Greek dubs, and each Senshi had both their original name and the translated one.


  • The opening theme song for the ANT1 dub was sung by a school teacher named Anna Merkouri (Άννα Μερκούρη).
  • Manos Venieris (Μάνος Βενιέρης), an actor who played a number of male roles in the ANT1 dub, died September 7, 2020.
  • Maria Bonikou (Μαρία Μπονίκου), the voice actress for Sailor Mercury and Luna in the original Greek dub, died June 4, 2022.
  • Episode 33 was first shown on ANT1 in black and white due to technical difficulties at the studio.
  • In episode 78, Artemis claimed that Makoto had accompanied Minako to Ami's home instead of saying that Minako had separately visited both Makoto's and Ami's homes.
  • Moon Prism Power, Make Up was incorrectly called "Τιάρα του Φεγγαριού, μεταμόρφωσε με" (Moon Tiara, Transform me) during commercials on Star Channel.
  • The first season of the ANT1 dub was also broadcast on ANT1 Cyprus.