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The Sailor Power Guardians (守護力精霊/セーラー・パワー・ガーディアン; Spirits with Guardian Powers) were small sprite-like beings who assisted the Sailor Senshi, and had a similar appearance to their respective Senshi. They first appeared in Act 48 and Sailor Moon Eternal, and directed the Senshi to ask for power from their palaces. With that power, Sailor Moon was able to destroy Queen Nehellenia and Zirconia.

The Sailor Power Guardians seemed to dwell within the palaces of the planetary princesses, as Sailor Pluto was greeted by her Guardian as soon as she arrived at Charon Castle in Act 53.

The Guardians were Guardian Mercury, Guardian Mars, Guardian Jupiter, Guardian Venus, Guardian Pluto, Guardian Uranus, Guardian Neptune, and Guardian Saturn.


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The Sailor Power Guardians of the
Guardian Senshi in Crystal
The Sailor Power Guardians of the
Senshi of the Outer Solar System in Crystal