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Sailor Says was a segment added to the episodes of the Sailor Moon anime that were dubbed by DiC. Each segment consisted of various clips from the episode and a voiceover in which members of the cast would give educational advice. These were added in order to make the show more appealing to channels when the dub was put in syndication, as it would help them comply with an FCC regulation which states that broadcasters must show three hours per week of educational material.[1] Sometimes clips that were cut from the episode itself would appear in the "Sailor Says" segments.[2] These segments were sometimes cut out when broadcast overseas, and did not return when Cloverway took over the dubbing from DiC.


  • Cartoons such as He-Man, She-Ra, and G.I. Joe would often feature a PSA such as this. However, by the time the "Sailor Says" segments aired, such practices in cartoons had all but disappeared, as many cartoons with PSAs such as those were often produced in the 1980s.


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