Sailor V Arrives! - "Channel 44" Pandora's Ambition

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Chapter Data
Pandora performing on stage
Name (kanji/kana): セーラーV初登場! - 「チャンネル44」パンドラの野望編
Name (romaji): Seeraa V Hatsu Toujou! - "Channeru 44" Pandora no Yabou Hen
Name (translated): Sailor V Arrives! - "Channel 44" Pandora's Ambition
Volume Number: 1
Chapter Number: 3
Previous Chapter: Minako in "Game Center Crown"
Next Chapter: The Ambition of Petite Pandora

Sailor V Arrives! - "Channel 44" Pandora's Ambition was the third act of the Codename: Sailor V manga.


Minako spots posters for the new idol, Pandora, who will be debuting on Channel 44 after an opening of a new shopping center, and unobtrusively takes one of them. Artemis chides her, saying that she doesn't have time to obsess over idols.

As Minako rides her bike to cram school, Gurikazu Amano jumps in her way and she crashes into him, and her poster falls into the gutter and is ruined. She yells at him, then meets up with Hikaru and heads to class. As punishment for being late, the teacher assigns her extra English problems. Minako pulls out her transformation pen and uses it to do her homework, because it magically gets her answers right. Artemis yells at her for using it for reasons it was not intended for. She thinks about the pen and compact which Artemis gave her, but quickly puts them away when her friends arrive to talk to her. They talk about Pandora's debut that night, and Minako is suddenly dismayed to realize that she can't get Channel 44. One of her friends tells her that Channel 44 has been handing out antennas to people so everyone can watch the premiere at home.

Back at the Aino residence, Minako's father attempts to hook up the antenna, but can't get it connected. When Minako gets upset about it, her mother yells at her for whining about tv all the time, and tells her that if she doesn't study she'll be a failure in life just like her father. Disappointed, Minako goes to bed, figuring that she'll have to ask Hikaru about the show.

When Minako arrives at school, she discovers that most of her classmates are absent, and the ones who are there are acting strange. Minako sees Hikaru and goes to greet her friend, but Hikaru pushes her away and says she needs to go home and watch television.

Minako arrives home to find her mother watching the tv, which has static on the screen and is emitting a strange sound that immediately makes Minako's head hurt. She tries to make her mother turn the tv off, but her mother becomes angry and insists that she must watch it. Artemis arrives, bringing Minako's pen; as she listens to it, Boss tells her that Channel 44 and Pandora are part of a plot to brainwash the entire country of Japan, as the first step toward world conquest. She and Artemis rush off to Channel 44 to stop the brainwashing signal.

As they are heading that direction, Amano spots Minako and tries to follow, but she runs faster to shake him off. Minako arrives at Channel 44 but the gate guard won't let her in, so she uses her compact to transform into a policewoman. Once the guard lets her in, she searches the building but can't find Pandora - the dressing room is empty and all the mirrors have been removed.

In the meantime, Amano wanders the halls, looking for Minako.

Pandora performs on stage for her brainwshed fans, telling them that they don't have to study or work, they just need to listen to her and be her slaves. She goes to take a break and happens upon Amano, but Minako hears his cries for help and uses her Crescent Boomerang to knock Pandora away from him. She then transforms into Sailor V and declares that she won't let Pandora continue her brainwashing plot.

Pandora laughs at her and sends her slaves to attack, and is dismayed when they keep coming without stopping; she doesn't want to hurt them because they were only brainwashed. Artemis tells her to use the compact mirror to reflect Pandora's true form, and when she does, Pandora is revealed to truly be an ugly monster. With Pandora's hold over her slaves broken, Sailor V uses Crescent Beam to destroy her.

Everyone wakes up again and realizes that they are late for school. The teacher assigns them all fifty extra math problems, but Minako only smirks and pulls out her pen. Artemis snatches it away from her, though, and insists that she needs to study for real.