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This article is about the wars between the Sailor Senshi and Chaos. For the battle song from the musicals, see Sailor War.

The Sailor Wars, first mentioned in anime episode 194 and manga Act 54, were the wars between the Sailor Senshi and Chaos, the ultimate evil, which had raged since the dawn of time and involved Senshi from all over the galaxy.


In the anime, the Sailor Wars were temporarily halted long ago when the legendary strongest Sailor Senshi, Sailor Galaxia, defeated Chaos by sealing him within her own body to prevent any more destruction. However, this resulted in the eventual corruption of Sailor Galaxia, as her body was tainted by evil little by little, so she released her Star Seed in the hope that some small part of her would be safe, and eventually she could be saved. Some time later she created Shadow Galactica, and, assisted by the Sailor Animamates, tried to take over the galaxy.


In the manga, it was revealed that all of Sailor Moon's opponents throughout the series were incarnations of Chaos itself, meaning that her battles were all part of this epic war.

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